Jewelry for a gray dress

The gray dress looks stylish and restrained. It refers to the basic things in a wardrobe. With it, you can create an image for any occasion. The main thing is to correctly complement the ensemble with decorations.

What colors of jewelry go with a gray dress?

Gray refers to the basic colors, so it is combined with almost all shades. But there are some exceptions. It is forbidden to combine light muted tones with bright contrasting colors . This combination does not complement each other, it looks unpleasant.

What colors is gray combined with:

  • black - such accessories are considered universal, suitable for any image and style;
  • dark blue - jewelry in such a color will complement a simple style, the main thing is not to go too far with their number;
  • golden - a tandem with gray should be as careful as possible, it is recommended to dilute the ensemble with black jewelry;
  • red is the perfect shade of accessories for a gray outfit that will add its zest to the bow;
  • yellow - for jewelry it is necessary to choose muted tones, but a handbag or shoes can be bright;
  • silver - complements the gray color, gives the image of elegance and sophistication.

We choose jewelry depending on the neckline

Many women make mistakes when choosing jewelry on the neck. Here you need to pay attention not only to the style and color of the dress, but also to the shape of the neckline. So for the bustier option (fully open shoulders), you need to use only exquisite jewelry. Massive beads and necklaces are not recommended. It is also important that the suspension does not fall below the collarbone.

Important! A gray bustier dress and a small sophisticated pendant are a great outfit for an evening out.

V-neckline must be emphasized with decorations that repeat the shape of the neckline. Do not use long chains. The neckline itself can be deep or medium, but in any case, you need to choose jewelry of a similar geometric shape.

For a round neckline, you can safely take massive jewelry and long pendants. Beads are suitable for a persistent high collar. It is also allowed to use multi-layer jewelry that is placed on top of the outfit. A boat-shaped neckline does not need decoration. You can put on just a thin chain with a small pendant.

Accessories for a business gray dress

Office attire should be strict and restrained. Ornaments should be minimal so that they do not distract from the work process. Jewelry is required to choose strict. The image is perfectly complemented by jackets in a restrained color and bright shoes.

Examples of business images:

  • sheath dress, black jacket and shoes, small earrings of the same color;
  • dark blue shoes, watches with the same color of the strap, gray bag a few tones darker than clothes, restrained earrings;
  • short jacket with buttons, brown ballet flats, strap, volumetric bag, necklace on the neck;
  • in cold weather, you can wear stilettos, a beige coat and a bulk bag of the same color.

Important! It is easy to turn a business image into a solemn one. It is enough to make a brighter make-up, put on catchy jewelry and high-heeled shoes.

Jewelery for a casual gray dress

The casual outfit is suitable for walking, friendly meetings, shopping, and other everyday activities. Usually the cut is quite light and free. In such a dress it is convenient to move around and do something. Gray color is universal. Use it to create a stylish look. The main thing is to connect imagination.

Everyday looks:

  • mustard ankle boots, just a dress with a collar, a bag in the tone of shoes, a leather bracelet, earrings;
  • long knit outfit, white sneakers, bulk bag;
  • trapezoid style, purple capri pants, comfortable ballet flats, a long pendant and a capacious bag;
  • a leather jacket and a handbag with a long strap, sneakers, a simple dress up to the middle of the knee;
  • style T-shirt, long cardigan in tone, thin brown strap, large bracelet.

Shoes for casual attire can be selected any: sneakers, sneakers, ballet shoes, boots, shoes, boots and more. Decorations should be simple . A simple leather bracelet and earrings will be enough. An interesting option is obtained thanks to a denim jacket and a similar bag, low-speed shoes, a simple bracelet and earrings.

Solemn gray dress - what to add to it?

A gray dress will serve as a great foundation for a luxurious evening look. It is discreet, will help emphasize the beauty of the owner of such an outfit. The image will help demonstrate interesting jewelry that will become the central part of the image.

It is better to choose silver and beige jewelry to create an elegant ensemble. Gold jewelry will also perfectly complement the bow, but will not be so harmonious, so are the analogues of silver.

Important! It is enough to supplement a long evening bustier dress with a ring and earrings with pearls and a silver clutch. It turns out a really elegant ensemble.

For a cocktail party, you can take a model with lace inserts midi length, a black clutch bag, a similar color belt and earrings, beige shoes.

A long floor-length dress with lace sleeves can be complemented with a voluminous adornment on the neck of brown-gold tones and a restrained clutch. For a magnificent outfit, a modest necklace and earrings, made in the same style, are suitable. The variant with a bell skirt and long sleeves, pumps, oblong earrings looks gorgeous.