Jewelry for good luck: what to wear to get lucky

Since ancient times, jewelry has been considered a great value. Thanks to them, people tried to stand out from the crowd, to attract attention. And besides, each such thing was given a special meaning. And today it is also believed that with the help of jewelry you can not only protect yourself and your family from bad energy, but also attract positive and good luck.

What jewelry attract luck and financial well-being

Thinking about what accessories to complement your image, it will be useful to know their magical capabilities.


Do you know that a ring is not only a beautiful decoration, but also a powerful talisman ? I’ll tell you a little secret: correctly speaking the ring, you can bring luck to life and, as a result, financial viability .

Important! Any ring protects against external negative energy.

Do you agree that this is a serious reason to wear rings more often?


This accessory is better than others capable of replenishing lost energy and directing it in the right direction . And therefore, the flows of money simply will not be able to bypass the wallet of a woman whose clothes are decorated with a brooch.


By itself, the pendant is able to attract success and prosperity into our lives . But, besides this, inside many pendants you can put a prayer that would protect and contribute to the appearance of only positive moments in life.

A bracelet

In the case of the bracelet, an interesting rule applies: the more insecure a person is, the more massive the bracelet should be . In addition, the bracelet is able to increase internal self-esteem, help in self-affirmation .


It is not in vain that it is considered that if you want to achieve something, work in this direction yourself . Surely you know that baubles are woven with their own hands. And what can be endowed with the necessary positive energy more than hand made?

Important! Throughout the entire weaving process, it is important to think about improving the financial situation, raising the standard of living, and about how this can all be achieved.

The power of thought, combined with the flows of your own energy and woven into the decoration, will have a noticeable effect on your destiny.


This jewelry endows its owner with attractiveness and powerful willpower.

Advice! When a positive outcome in a serious situation is very important, you should wear your most beautiful earrings. They will guarantee the expected result.

It is important that at the same time the woman "tries on" the role of the queen of the evening.


If you are often overwhelmed by vague doubts, and by your character, you are not a confident person, the only way out is to wear chains.

They will add confidence to your words, actions, as well as any actions . Very often, a chain is spoken to go to the next step of the career ladder, to receive the desired appointment to a new position.

What jewelry attract men and good luck in love

It is no secret that every single woman at any age dreams of finding her bridegroom and dying with him on the same day, having lived a long and happy life together. Unfortunately, this is not for everyone. Again, decorations will help to change position, only they must necessarily be with a stone. It is believed that a gemstone influences the choice of a life partner . Moreover, different stones have different capabilities.


It reveals the feminine, sexuality and attractiveness . Historically, jewelry with emeralds was worn only by representatives of a noble family and crowned persons.

Reference. This stone strengthens the marriage, bringing harmony and understanding to it.

There is a belief that in the case of betrayal of one of the spouses, a crack appears on the emerald, so he does not accept lies.


Snow-white shade is a symbol of purity and tenderness. A girl wearing pearls will surely find her man . A stone will help an adult woman become wiser and more judicious.

Rose quartz

Traditionally, this stone is considered a love talisman .

Important! It is believed that rose quartz is able to eradicate human shortcomings, replacing them with virtues.

But it should be remembered that quartz helps only sincere girls, for whom it is very important to find your soul mate.


Acts as an aphrodisiac, increasing sexual desire . For couples who have lost their former ardor in a relationship, tourmaline will give passion and revitalize old feelings.


Its color itself suggests that pomegranate is an assistant in intimate problems and provides a diverse sexual life .


Want to look your best and catch the many admiring glances of men? Be sure to purchase a jewelry with malachite stone. He will add to your undoubtedly pretty appearance even more beauty and showiness. In addition, malachite teaches the intricacies of flirting art.

Now you know what jewelry should be worn as often as possible. May they bring you good luck, provide not only financial well-being, but also give a meeting with your other half.