Jewelry and jewelry for a black dress

In every women's wardrobe there is always a black dress: small, long, evening, casual, asymmetric cut, with peplum, pleats or with other features. Consider the options for selecting beads, necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets for a black dress.

The nuances of choice

Jewelry of precious metals and precious stones is combined with such an outfit, but jewelry made of metal alloys and synthetic materials also looks great.

Properly selected jewelry can make the most boring image vivid and vibrant, and jewelry selected out of place will cross out all the efforts of your mistress to look stylish. It is important to learn how to choose additions to the outfit in order to skillfully combine rings, earrings, and a necklace with a black dress.

Do not be afraid to experiment, pick up different combinations, but stick to the measure and remember the basic rules of choice:

A black dress should not be overloaded with jewelry . Their maximum number is not more than three. If you put on earrings and a bracelet, then the third accessory can be a brooch, or a ring, or a pendant on a pendant;

  • The principle of choice is built on a chain - head, neck, hands. In total, you can take one subject. For example, earrings (head) - brooch (neck) - bracelet (hands) . Any link in the chain can be excluded by leaving two pieces of jewelry: earrings - a bracelet, or earrings - a brooch, or a brooch - a bracelet;
  • choose combinations that are harmonious in style and material of execution, for example, a massive plastic bracelet does not fit at all with pearl necklaces;
  • in case of difficulty in choosing, give preference to simple and concise things that are compatible with each other ;
  • massive decoration in the image can be one, the rest only complement it;
  • in the selection of jewelry for a black dress, take its style as a basis. A simple cut will allow variability of choice, and complicated details can exclude the presence of jewelry on the neck.

Which one fits, which one is a taboo?

Jewelry made of metal, pearls, Swarovski crystals is recommended for a strict look. In beads or necklaces, pearls should not be small, this threatens them with a “loss" against the background of the dress. But be careful: the large size of the beads does not suit both fragile girls and women with curvaceous shapes.

Jewelry with turquoise, ruby, agate, and other stones fits perfectly here. Together with such an outfit they don’t put on a lot of massive rings - a maximum of one interesting shape.

A black dress with a large neckline or bustier requires jewelry in the form of several faux pearl strands or multi-layered silver metal jewelry interspersed with colored stones. The bow is complemented by discreet earrings or a chain on the wrist.

Important! A black dress made of shiny material or decorated with rhinestones, sequins will not be combined with any jewelry, otherwise the image will turn out to be overloaded. All neck ornaments are excluded. If the style fully opens your hands, small matte clove earrings and a simple bracelet are allowed.

We combine jewelry with a dress

Choosing them, consider the structure of the fabric . Large ones are well suited for clothing made of dense material, and elegant jewelry perfectly complements light, airy fabrics.

Embroidered and lace patterns, as well as styles with bows, an asymmetric neckline or drapery on the neck, are either not complemented by ornaments at all, since they themselves are an ornament or allow a minimal amount.

With black everyday

In the age of high speeds, practicality in clothing is very important for a woman. A black dress just meets this criterion. In such a dress they go for a walk, to the store, for other things, to a friendly meeting, to the cinema.

Jewelry should not be striking . They should not be bright, screaming. In the afternoon, it is better not to wear pearls or jewelry. A necklace made of metal alloys with various elements in the style of boho is what you need for a casual style dress. Earrings and a bracelet can be in the same style, but there should be one thing massive and attracting attention.

With evening black

Black evening dress looks gorgeous. Ladies choose this color for its versatility. The style can be classic or extravagant, loose or in the waist, different lengths and any sleeve. But the evening look cannot be created without decorations .

Of course, we remember that the girl’s best friends are diamonds. But even without them you can do perfectly. Call for help gold and silver jewelry, bright massive jewelry. Remember the rules for choosing jewelry, and everything will work out.

With business

Office attire involves a black strict dress with a simple cut. Its length is not higher than the knee, a feature is the absence of a neckline and interspersed with a romantic style - a sheath dress. Inappropriate will be necklaces, beads, evening jewelry . Gold jewelry is allowed in the office:

  • thin chain;
  • concise earrings without fashion pendants;
  • ring or ring with an expensive stone.

Important! Office outfit must not be overloaded. The dress code rejects the presence of many jewelry: a maximum of three, but you need to count them starting with the engagement ring.

Jewelry and a little black dress

In the daytime, the masterpiece of the magnificent Coco Chanel is combined with a minimal set of jewelry. For a simple cut, laconic jewelry is selected : matte beads and earrings made of semiprecious stones, long chain pendants with pendants.

In the evening, a small dress is decorated with a pearl necklace, items made of gold, precious stones, massive jewelry made of metal alloys with imitation of gems, turquoise, coral.

Image Examples

  1. To the black velvet bustier for an evening out put on pearl beads, consisting of threads of different lengths and with pearls of different sizes: the shortest thread with large beads, and the long one with small ones. Earrings should be in the form of pearl cloves.
  2. A knee-length dress with a kimono sleeve as an outfit for celebration requires a short massive necklace made of several layers of artificial pearls and earrings with a pendant in the shape of a pearl drop on a flower made of crystals.
  3. A fancy cut dress with a wraparound on the chest will be supported by agate jewelry: a single-layer short necklace, earrings in the form of three small leaflets on a pendant and a ring with a stone of the same green shade.
  4. A strict sheath dress will look great if you pin a brooch-rose of silver metal with turquoise on its side. Silver earrings with turquoise pendant complete the look.