Jeans Pockets Organizer

Many people keep several pairs of old jeans that can no longer be worn, but throwing away their hand does not rise. Yes, this is not necessary, because of these things you can make convenient organizers that are useful both at home and in the country, in the car or garage. We offer you some creative ideas on how to use old jeans.

Necessary materials and tools

To make such a product, you will need:

  • old jeans;
  • sewing machine;
  • a needle and thread of a suitable color;
  • sharp scissors.

Depending on the chosen model, glue and various decorative elements for decoration may additionally be needed .

How to sew an organizer from the pockets of old jeans?

The basis for such a product can be made of whole jeans, in the front of which it is necessary to form slots, and then sew it to the back to form pockets. Or you can use one of the following methods.

Organizer case for high chair

A great way to put together in one place the accessories that a little artist needs to draw . To make such a product, you should cut off the trouser leg from jeans, stretch it at the seam and cut off half. Then sew several different pockets to the base. Then bend 1/3 of the resulting fragment, and sew along the sides to form a pocket, thanks to which the cover can be put on the back of the chair . To the opposite part, you need to sew the ties with which the lower part of the cover will be fixed.

For useful little things

Such original products will help to ease life by organizing a variety of things: from office supplies and sewing supplies to books and magazines. You can make such organizers from unnecessary jeans and plastic bottles.

Basket Organizer

A nice basket made of unusable jeans is able to adequately decorate the dining table both at home and in the country. In such a basket it is convenient to store eggs, small fruits, buttons and other items.

Gadget Covers

To make such a stylish organizer for a gadget from a pocket of old jeans is quite within the reach of even a beginner.

Thanks to the presence of a small pen, it is convenient to charge smartphones with an excessively short cord in such a case .

Bag (boxes) for children's toys

In such a bag of jeans shreds with a side insert of transparent vinyl, it will be convenient to store small children's toys (for example, cubes) . From above, you can make a practical tie from a thin lace. You can also glue the boxes over with denim.

Panel Organizer

This option of a wall organizer is useful in any home. You can do it as follows:

  1. A suitable base can be made by stitching the legs. Before this, jeans should be torn at the seams. Thick seams need to be cut off.
  2. Then you need to measure the desired width and height of the product, stitch fragments from denim and work on the edges.
  3. Now you can sew pockets and fastenings to the base.

Advice! Before you begin, it is recommended that you determine which items the organizer will be used to store. This will help to understand what type of fastening, and what depth of pockets will be required for its manufacture. To fix small items fit loops for the strap. For larger products, stitch pockets of denim to the base.

Denim stands from different jeans pockets

A great option for both adults and children. This practical stand is easy to craft by simply stitching denim pockets onto another material that is suitable for texture (for example, on a piece of an old shirt) . To design the edging, you can use jeans belts with loops . This will not only decorate the product, but also give it additional rigidity.

Organizer stand for sewing machine with pockets for needlework

This option, no doubt, will be appreciated by needlewomen. The most necessary sewing supplies and useful little things will now always be at hand.

For the summer resident

A similar product will be an excellent option for a summer residence. In the pockets of such an organizer, you can place small tools that are useful when performing a variety of work.

For girl with applique

Organizer of old jeans, decorated with beautiful bright appliqué, will surely please the girl . In such an organizer, it is convenient to store hairpins, elastic bands for hair, combs, notebooks, headphones, sunglasses, as well as other objects of a similar size.

Denim is very durable. An organizer for useful little things made of such material will last long enough, and for its manufacture you will not need any special skills or special patterns.