Italian shoe brands

Italian shoes - maximum comfort, impeccability, perfect quality. Italian brands are famous for their unique bold design, which allows emphasizing the status of the user, his taste, and character. The tricks of Italian production are passed down from generation to generation, which are impossible to buy, because they are priceless. But in order to make the right choice, you need to get acquainted with leading brands.

Top Italian shoe brands

Each brand of shoes has its own story. Today, expensive brands are delivered to luxury stores around the world, but few people know that production began with part-time work at home.

World fame has inspired manufacturers, and every season they come up with new models, without saving on quality.

Salvatore ferragamo

The incredible story of the Salvatore Ferragamo brand is a pleasure to read even for the hundredth time. Ferragamo produced unique hand-crafted shoes for celebrities. Among his clients were Greta Garbo, Lauren Beccall and many other Hollywood celebrities of the last century. Great imagination and golden hands allowed Ferragamo to create new models of women's shoes: wedges or stilettos.

During his life, Ferragamo managed to teach the family the tricks of shoe making, so she earned a living. Children and wife realized the dream of the head of the family to dress the fair sex from head to toe. Now the leading Salvatore Ferragamo brand offers not only shoes, but also bags .


Thanks to Edgardo Osorio, we have the opportunity to wear neat, attractive shoes without unnecessary and tasteless details . To become the founder of such shoes, Osorio pushed the usual shopping trip. He was looking for a concise, comfortable model, but in the windows, in his opinion, there were only ugly, complicated, extremely unusual models that he would never wear. Then he decided to create a novelty, which is currently very popular.

Osorio is not a native of Italy, but in it he gained invaluable experience working with Salvatore Ferragamo, Roberto Cavalli. The Aquazzura collection includes :

  • The Sexy Thing Ankle Boots.
  • Christy Lace-Up Flats.


As early as the 18th century, the Polini brothers opened a shoe workshop. They created strong soldiers' shoes during the First and Second World War. After the brothers left, the family business continued, but the design was constantly changing. In the 2000s, Italian Erminio Cherbone, who was able to create a unique model of women's shoes, began to work on design.

What is the difference between the Pollini brand:

  • the presence of bright graphics;
  • manufacture of various materials;
  • the presence of jewelry in the form of metal fasteners;
  • contrasting and bright color scheme.

Types of Pollini shoes:

  • loafers;
  • penny loafers;
  • sneakers;
  • Pumps
  • boots.


Working on order, the brand was known only in Italy. Thanks to Jimmy Baldinini, shoes entered the world market and became popular.

The main distinguishing features :

  • decorative elements from fur, leather;
  • feminine forms;
  • Sequined sports items.


The Ballin brand appeared in 1945. On the roof of their house, the brothers Guido and Giorgio organized a small workshop. Big sales allowed the brothers in the future to build their own shoe shop near Venice.

Shoes and ankle boots with decorated backdrops are available under the Ballin brand . The front of the models is decorated with bows.

For reference! The brand identity is still preserved, shoes are made in a small volume, but by hand.


The founders of the brand are Quinto and Flora Casadei. Creativity in the design was introduced by Cesare Casadei - open and closed shoes with a very large heel . Despite the height of the studs, they are comfortable to wear all day.

Glantino rossi

Gianvito Rossi is the son of the famous shoe designer Sergio Rossi. In difficult times, his father sold the shoe brand to Kering in 2005. Janvito could not stand such an act, and decided to develop a new model. Already in 2007, at Milan Fashion Week, a show of comfortable, concise, attractive shoes with clear lines, featuring impeccable skin quality and depth of shades, was held.

Attention! Glantino Rossi shoe design is thought out to the smallest detail, so it goes with everyday and business clothes.

Giuzeppe zanotti design

The young Italian Giuseppe Zanotti decided to diversify the familiar shoe range with exotic, original models. In 1994, in New York, the designer showed his collection at one of the exhibitions. She was so extreme that Madonna fell in love with her and became a regular customer of Giuseppe Zanotti.

Distinctive qualities:

  • any type of shoes with the highest possible heels or stilettos;
  • as a decor rhinestones, metal elements are used;
  • bold color scheme;
  • unusual shape.


Attilio Giusti Leombruni continued the work of his father, and passed it on to his three daughters. Vera, Sarah and Marianna shared the work among themselves. Marianne develops interesting models, Sarah and Vera promote the brand. Sisters clearly follow fashion, so their brand always meets all the requirements of our time.

Shoe design differs among themselves:

  • Simple high patent boots and low boots. They are often decorated with colorful prints.
  • Strict and extravagant high and low heel shoes.
  • Shoes decorated with fur or lacing or rhinestones.


The founders of the Loriblu brand are distinguished by their love for embroidery, rhinestones, velvet, interwoven strips of leather . Such decorative elements can be seen in such shoes. Today, the shoe brand is popular among people who are partial to originality. Women are great for shoes with ombre, asymmetrical designs.

Italy is rich in talented shoe makers. Their number is periodically increasing and, despite the huge competitive market, each brand is popular and in demand. This is probably due to the fact that manufacturers pay special attention not to quantity, but to quality.