Italian glasses

Glasses from the sun and for vision are a very important component of any image. They do not easily protect eyes from ultraviolet radiation and improve the visual abilities of a person, but also emphasize his unique style.

The benefits of Italian glasses

Signature glasses from Italy are distinguished by unique design solutions coupled with high-quality frames and lenses.

The stylish line of Italian accessories is very diverse. Everyone will be able to choose to their liking: extravagant, sports, business.

Their clear advantages are:

  • the use of environmentally friendly materials;
  • safety and anti-allergy;
  • charisma and originality of forms;
  • reliable protection against UF radiation;
  • the use of anti-reflective coating;
  • scratch resistance.

Stylish design, shape and excellent quality

Models of glasses from famous Italian brands are popular among men and women around the world. Many are impressed by their style, represented by frames made of both expensive metals and high-strength plastic grades . A nice bonus is the lenses of modern polycarbonate, which absolutely do not let in ultraviolet rays.

These accessories at first glance amaze with their creativity and originality of forms. A variety of models can satisfy the most demanding taste. Elongated, square, round - they all help to hide some of the shortcomings of their appearance and feel more confident.

Fashionable optics from Italy is also a huge variety of colors of frames . Any customer will be able to choose the right shade: from expressively bright to neutral.

On a note! The unsurpassed comfort and quality of Italian brands will allow you to always stay in trend on the sports ground, in the country, on a trip.

These women's “sunglasses” open up a wide scope for spectacular stylish improvisations and transformations at any time of the year.

Fashion News

The collection of famous brands from Italy, producing practical, outwardly attractive, comfortable glasses, is constantly updated. Such designer accessories are in the wardrobe of most ladies, emphasizing their image preferences: elegance, expressiveness, sportiness.

Fashion lawmakers unanimously note the trend of this season towards moderation in the decor of these products: bright rhinestones have been successfully replaced by a futuristic design and unusual geometry of proportions.

The most popular female models are “a la cat's eye” and “butterfly”, retained their former positions and bright “trinity”, as well as rectangular with a large frame.

For men - aviators, wifarers and other models with bright lenses or a variety of print frames.

Indisputable preference is given to sportswear by fashion designers. Among the leading trends are skier glasses and drivers, futurism enthusiasts wear their prototypes in 3D format.

Note! At the height of fashion today, colored plastic frames of the most juicy, even acid tones, from lemon and coral to lilac and orange.

To please the world's leading designers, the trendy print of frames this summer announced peas with its unprecedented romance and femininity. While the leopard coloring took only second place, although it is preferred by fans of the futuristic style.

Important! In general, the general trend in the world of glasses: the style, elegance inherent in round metal frames, wooden eco frames, transparent plastic, the unusual decor of these elements of sunscreen and medical optics.

The frames, called “monobrow”, which are represented by a variety of models: from trendy rectangular shapes to retro-like “dragonfly”, are very popular. Such frame bridges can consist of paired jumpers, or be represented by a solid monolithic line.

Review of Italian brands

Experts note that giving preference to glasses from Italy, our customers can be completely sure that they pay not only for brand awareness, but for the comfort and quality of the product.


This is an exquisite and sophisticated accessory. Preference is given to strict elegant classics, but there are also youth models in sports style or droplets.

The glasses of this brand are easily recognizable by the branded jellyfish on the arms . The elegance conceived by the founding master is still in demand by the female half of humanity. His iconic "dragonfly" and now sets a special fashion trends in this area.


The famous rimless brand, which is characterized by unsurpassed lightness and sophistication. This is an individual style of feminine and unique beauties, ideal for men as well.


The modernity of this optics is emphasized by the variety of the popular color palette and original decor.

They are distinguished by the relevance of forms and high quality workmanship.


Want to make an effect on others and always look noble? Then you should definitely look at the brightness of the design and the high level of quality of this brand.

Its distinguishing feature is the lightness of the metal frame and the sophistication of the finish.

Dolce gabbana

The optics of this company have long been at the peak of world popularity. This season, the designers of this fashion brand surprised their fans by releasing an ultramodern accessory with glasses resembling the shape of the capital D.

They also own the idea with a unique decoration of the arms in the form of the Italian Ciao (Chao).


Unique design ideas allow a woman to fully experience the subtlety of combining elegance and originality with classic traditions and modern challenges. In such glasses, even the most severe business women look not only solid, but also very feminine. The image they create is both delicate and romantic. Such a purchase will be the perfect value for money.

Thus, a wide variety of Italian glasses of fashion brands opens up a lot of opportunities for fans of different styles: business and street, strict and free . Modern collections of designers from Italy are not without a certain shocking, everyone will find their own version.

To look good, you need to cast aside thoughts about saving, and focus on the individual characteristics of the appearance and quality of the product.