Italian dress code: why Italian retirees taste better than ours

Self-confidence for a woman is an important component of an ideal image. Looking through numerous fashion magazines and programs about women in Europe and Italy in particular, it is safe to say that Italians know their worth and know how to present themselves with style. Clothing plays one of the primary roles in creating the perfect look. How is the Italian female bow different from the Russian one? There are a lot of differences.

How do pensioners dress in Italy?

Women in Italy always dress elegantly, as if gathering for a cocktail party. They are elegant and very elegant. Clothing for them is a real cult. Any mod can envy the ease and beauty with which Italians wear clothes. And women in pre-retirement and retirement age are no exception. Here the fashion is in blood, all the accessories and wardrobe details are selected with exceptional taste and are designed so that the lady always looks attractive and dignified.

De tali wardrobe, to which Italians pay close attention:

  • shoes (the inhabitants of this country themselves say that Italian shoes can be defined in any country: she is always solid and stylish, most suitable for the image);
  • wraps and stoles (women from ancient times used various wraps on their shoulders, initially such an accessory was dictated by the climate, but then the stoles became an integral part of everyday bow, and Italians know how to wear them with dignity, as if the scarf was always part of the outfit);
  • glasses (a variety of shapes and colors will allow you to choose a specific accessory for each set, it can be sunglasses or ordinary glasses - it’s not so important, the main thing is that they will fit perfectly with the chosen one);
  • jewelry (in jewelry boutiques of Milan, Rome, Naples and other Italian cities, you can find a huge assortment of jewelry from a wide variety of precious metals with inclusions in the form of precious and semiprecious stones; Italians always wear rings and bracelets with dignity and carefully select them for their wardrobe) .

Important! Undoubtedly, one of the most important points is the color of the outfit. Most Italians of different ages prefer clothes in various shades of blue, from the darkest to delicate cornflower blue. This is understandable, because around the beautiful sea and sky.

But at the same time, the Italians also respect other colors. They are not afraid to dress as catchy as possible. Multi-colored outfits do not look vulgar or inappropriate in this country. Older women can wear a classic suit with a skirt, designed in mint, lilac or turquoise color. And it will look very dignified and attractive.

What can Russian women learn from Italians?

In our country, it is customary for women to put on inconspicuous and even often unattractive costumes that completely erase the lady’s beauty and personality. To learn how to look beautiful, Russians should pay attention to the inhabitants of sunny Italy.

Even at an advanced age, ladies are not shy about wearing outfits of light and fresh flowers, which are often called youth. The costumes are sewn in such a way that it does not look ridiculous. A woman draws attention to her person and stands it with dignity.

By the way, self-confidence is exactly what our compatriots need. Russians, especially at the age of 50+, are embarrassed to attract extra looks and therefore their clothes almost always look boring. You need to learn to love yourself and not be afraid to be noticed.

Do not give up jewelry that give a special charm to a woman. It’s important to just pick them up according to age. This will allow you to create unique sets for every day and look 100% beautiful and elegant.