Is it true that old hair bands need to be burned

Since olden times, signs have come to us that a special strength is contained in the hair, they are cut only on special days and burned, preventing the enemies from causing damage. You can’t give your hairbrush to another woman: she will have the strength to lead her husband away. I had a question, but what about the old rubber bands for hair, they also need to be burned?

Cleansing Power of Fire

The flame has the power of purification. It burns everything in its path, and this was once long ago noticed by our ancestors, trying to tame the fire. Indeed, a powerful ally! He will warm, help prepare food, drive away evil spirits and gloomy thoughts. In esotericism, flame is given special significance, which is quite logical: it destroys the object without a trace, not allowing enemies and birds to take possession of it.

We all heard a sign in childhood: if our curl gets into a bird’s nest, our head will hurt.

Fire purifies the energy, making room for happiness and prosperity, so the manipulations are almost mystical in nature, reliably protecting a person from problems and grief. It is believed that the rite of burning strands will be the key to family idyll and a long relationship. Experts in the field of esoterics recommend that instead of continuing the protracted scandal, take a break, go to the hairdresser, be sure to collect the clipped curls in a bag, choose the time and burn it alone. Magic does not ask for someone else's attention, therefore it is better not to devote anyone to your plans and carefully carry out the ritual at night so that households do not see it.

If in a dream you burn long hair, then most likely the planned trip will fail. If it will be short locks, then this is a sign of fate, which is preparing to give a pleasant surprise in the near future.

Why hair elastic can’t just be thrown away, but rather burn

Yes, over time, the attitude towards people to their own hair did not become as reverent as before, when only men cut their hair, and women, like the apple of an eye, took care of their hair, combing it only on certain days of the week. But some rituals have survived to this day:

  • the very first lock, cut off from the baby, is carefully stored by parents as a powerful amulet;
  • trimmed hair is washed off with running water, buried in the ground or burned;
  • no one should be given a comb;
  • you should be careful about other people's jewelry for hair, especially with sharp details: hairpins, invisible and other cute trinkets. It is believed that other people's hairpins raised from the floor can bring misfortune.

It turns out that with a rubber band for hair should be careful! We wear it for a long time, on it remain particles of our curls. With any care, the hair still falls out or breaks, they have a certain period when a natural replacement occurs. If you can’t give a comb to a friend, then gum and even more so! The imprint of our aura is stored on the decoration.

What will happen if you still throw away the old gum? She may fall into a foe who knows magic tricks and eventually takes control of someone else’s life into her own hands. On the locks you can do a lot of bad things:

  1. To create difficulties at work up to dismissal or demotion.
  2. Divorce with husband.
  3. To quarrel with close circle.
  4. Post a disease.
  5. Bring a crown of celibacy or torment.

There is an old gypsy method: to cut off a lock of hair from a young girl and start blackmailing with the aim of spoiling in order to receive a monetary reward. In this case, it is better to contact knowledgeable people for help!

Therefore, it is better to get rid of the gum in the old, centuries-old way - to burn! This is the most reliable method, which does not leave the enemies the slightest chance to cause damage.

Are there any other ways

In addition to burning, trimmed curls are disposed of in two other ways:

  1. Bury under a tree . They say that it’s enough to do this at least once in a lifetime - it helps to attract luck.
  2. Wash off with water. Typically, curls go on a long voyage through a sink in the bathroom (of course, fraught with blockages!) Or through the toilet.

In my opinion, none of the above methods is suitable for old rubber bands, as it leads to environmental pollution. There is enough debris in wastewater and without us, and I certainly do not urge anyone to bury their hair in parks and forests! Most modern materials do not decompose well. Therefore, for those who want to protect themselves, I recommend using the purifying power of fire and not forget about the fire safety rules.