Is it true that Aliexpress and Jum sell things at a 90% discount?

Who does not know about the good discounts on Aliexpress and Jum? Surely every second has already used these services. What is the secret of their popularity? Are sellers pushing up the price of goods too much? We will tell below.

Can there be 90% discounts on Aliexpress and Jum?

In ordinary stores with a staff of employees, the maximum discount percentage most often does not exceed the figure “30”, while sellers as such, trading floors, warehouses and employees simply do not have Aliexpress and Jum. These people purchase goods at a nearby factory or market place. Its initial price, from the point of view of the Chinese, is pretty good. High-quality goods are valued here, even if they do not belong to any brand and do not have documents and certificates.

For Russians, a flashlight for two bucks is incredibly cheap. In fact, this is nothing less than a double price compared to a regular store in China. And imagine that the seller takes it directly from the manufacturer?

In addition, a newcomer to Ali and Jum will not be able to sell anything until his point reaches the required number of rating points. And this is the whole “trick” - the rating directly depends on sales.

Of course, you can make a simple "cheat", but an experienced buyer will never fall for this bait.

So the only advertisement is the same rating. Only its growth contributes to the trust of visitors.

Important! Therefore, beginners often trade within the framework of cost, or even a little "minus" in order to save time and quickly reach the required level of sales.

Can you believe the discounts?

After reading about the big discounts, you should take a closer look at the reviews about this seller. To give out the cherished 90%, many pre-inflate the price of the goods . Can this be called fraud? Rather, the "manipulation of the psyche" of an inexperienced buyer. The sophisticated buyer does not focus on the size of the discount. First of all, he gets acquainted with the numbers that competitors offer . And after reading the reviews, he will find the initial value of the thing.

There is a risk of running into obvious scammers who, in the pursuit of a rating, carry out all kinds of promotions, but do not intend to forward the order.

But here, as they say - read the reviews.

Under the guise of a quality product, but with a huge discount, you can slip a frank marriage, because at the time of receiving the parcel, you simply can not notice it. Typically, the seller expects that sending the long-awaited product back is not included in your plans. And returning up to half the cost of a defective item, moreover, not very expensive, as a rule, suits everyone.

How to recognize fraudsters on sites?

Before you order something, study the history of sales according to reviews, analyze the possibility of "cheating".

Particular attention to the level of the declared rating:

  • less than 98% - “go through” reviews;
  • below 95% - it is worth considering;
  • less than 90% - clear fraud.

Important! At Aliexpress and Jum, 100% are sometimes not very truthful, since every six months the rating is reset to zero. Therefore, do not lose vigilance.

Where is the best delivery?

Both services offer cheap goods and free delivery . Some lots, in order to receive the goods faster, the buyer can transfer to a paid courier service. However, almost 99% of the goods are sent via mail. To the delight of customers, recently it has significantly reduced delivery times.

Bonuses and promotions

These pleasant moments need to be regularly monitored. Otherwise, you can miscalculate and fall for the cunning of the merchant.

And if the bonus for Jum is a regular coupon discount, then Aliexpress stood out with its coupons for daily visits.

Payment for goods

Having become a world leader in sales, Aliexpress works with all payment methods: electronic money, bank cards, PayPal, etc.

Jum also does not lag behind him , where they accept bank cards using the Visa and Mastercard, PayPal, Qiwi-wallets, Yandex-money systems.

Refund and Dispute

You can argue with the seller on both services. But the reaction of the administration of the website (arbitrator) is different.

The Chinese on their Ali are clearly oriented towards the buyer, considering him unconditionally right in any situation. Here, the mechanisms of the disputes, returns and arbitral awards are perfected to the smallest detail.

But Jum is not a big pursuit of the rating. Therefore, the decision can be dragged out here.

Which store is better?

We conclude - Aliexpress is certainly the first in all parameters and characteristics.

Jum is in second place. Its history is quite long, the reviews are mostly positive, the base of sellers is wide and versatile. Here is a fairly large selection of quality jewelry, all kinds of clothes, cosmetics and children's products. And the prices are quite reasonable.

Is it possible to believe in a 90% discount - everyone decides for himself. Before placing an order, carefully study the seller’s reputation and customer reviews about it.