Is it possible to shorten the heel on shoes

High-heeled shoes have long won the hearts of fashionistas around the world and have firmly established themselves in the everyday look of most modern women. However, the incorrectly selected height of the shoes can give their owner a lot of inconvenience. In this case, the solution to the problem may be to reduce the height of the heel in the shoe atelier.

Shorten the heel - it's possible

Why shorten the heel on the shoes

The need to reduce the height of the shoes may arise for one of the following reasons.

  • Erased heels . Untimely replacement of the heels can lead to stitching of the heel, as a result of which shoe makers often have to cut off the damaged area in order to return shoes of an aesthetic appearance.
  • Broken heel . A common problem is chips in contact with the printed heel. If the broken area is not too large, it can also be removed.
  • Incorrectly calculated shoe height upon purchase . It often happens that when trying on a store or shopping online, a shoe pair seems perfect. But subsequently daily wearing fundamentally changes the first impression. One of the reasons for this disappointment can be the excessive height of the hairpin, which will create an excessive load on the legs during walking or make it difficult to maintain balance. Both that and another problem can cause various injuries, which can be avoided in some cases by reducing the height of the shoes.

IMPORTANT! It is recommended to resort to reducing the height of shoes only in cases where it is not possible to return or exchange an unsuitable pair.

Ideally, the purchased shoes should meet the requirements of the owner as much as possible and not cause discomfort when walking.

How much heel can be reduced

The permissible value must be calculated individually based on the specific shoe model. However, according to the general rule, the length should not be reduced by more than 1-1.5 cm .

If it is necessary to reduce the height of the shoes, shoe makers recommend removing no more than 10% of the initial length of the hairpin.

IMPORTANT! It is not recommended to shorten too thin hairpins: this can significantly complicate walking and increase the load on the legs and spine.

Who can shorten the heel

The issue of reducing the height of shoes should be trusted only to experienced shoemakers and masters of shoe ateliers.

A competent specialist will accurately calculate the allowable length, which can be removed based on the model of shoes and the configuration of the shoe pads.

Unfair performance of this work can not only irreversibly spoil the appearance of the shoe, but also make it unsuitable for further wear.

Is it worth it to shorten your heels with shoes

Reducing the height of the shoes will inevitably lead to the following consequences.

  • Change the appearance of shoes . The shorter the shoe detail, the more the capes of the shoes will lift up from their original plane.
  • Redistribution of load . The load on the trimmed part of the shoes is distributed differently than planned by the original shoe design. Therefore, the risk of damage to it increases.
  • The effect of tipping . The shift of the center of gravity creates additional difficulties during walking, the effect of pulling back appears.
  • Imbalance . Feeling unstable when changing heels can lead to injuries and dislocations.

Thus, the issue of reducing height should be approached seriously and responsibly.

It is not recommended to resort to this option for women who feel insecure in high heels. And also do not do this suffering from increased fatigue of the legs.

However, if the decision to give the shoes a new life is still made, you should trust the procedure to a trusted specialist so that walking on new, shortened heels is as convenient and comfortable as possible.