Is it possible to sell a veil

The wedding ceremony was successfully completed and now the young wife faces a dilemma - what to do with a festive dress and veil? Possible options are to sell and partially return the money spent, or still find a place in the closet for storing wedding items.

Is it worth it to sell a veil after the wedding

The veil of the bride is not only a beautiful decoration, but also a strong protective amulet. According to ancient legends, before marriage, a young girl is protected by her parents' family, and after the wedding she goes to her husband’s family.

Wedding day is a kind of transitional period, when a girl is especially vulnerable to unkind and envious people. That is why she must hide her face and head under the protective fabric of the veil. It is good when choosing a long, reaching to the toes, decoration. Such a product promises not only reliable protection, but also promises good luck, happiness and a long family life.

The bride’s outfit, and especially the white delicate head accessory, is completely saturated with the strong emotions and energy of this happy day. Therefore, it can not be given, and even more so sold. Even storage in the cabinet should not be nominal: the product should be periodically removed, ventilated and kept in perfect cleanliness.

It is advisable to store this wedding accessory in a separate box. A clean and well-groomed, as well as carefully stored veil serves as a strong family amulet. It has concentrated forces that help to preserve and even increase mutual understanding and love of a married couple.

Important! You can not give a wedding accessory to the hands of girlfriends and friends, and even more so try on or borrow it.

Why not wear someone else's veil

The white wedding fabric covering the bride’s head is completely saturated by the hostess’s energy. If you try on someone else's wedding accessory, even belonging to a close relative, it is believed that the girl is trying on herself the fate of the mistress of the veil. Also, grabbing the hands of someone else's talisman makes a breach in his protective armor, and this can have a negative impact on family happiness and the luck of a young couple.

The only exception is that a mother can give her daughter a veil that was on her on the day of the wedding, but only on condition that her family life was successful.

Information! The headpiece, which was on the bride on the wedding day, has especially strong defenses.

If the marriage still broke up, then the wedding accessory ceases to play the role of a family amulet. Some wives burn all products from the celebration, others give clothes for cleaning and sell. Only you can sell it only to strangers and take a purely nominal fee for it to free things from the energy of divorce.

White airy veil is not only beautiful. The accessory has a mysterious story. When marrying, you must definitely use this beautiful product, and then store it to preserve family happiness.