Inverted Triangle Shape Type: Selecting a Wardrobe

Your “inverted triangle” shape type, and you consider yourself angular? You do not know how to correctly place accents to look like the most fashionable fashion models? Forget about the complexes and create your own unique image. How to do this - we will tell further.

Figure Features

Characteristic parameters:

  • broad shoulders and narrow hips;
  • the waistline is fuzzy;
  • the pelvis is narrowed, the gluteal muscles are flat;
  • often long legs.

Do not worry if your figure is far from ideal. Its main advantage is strict fit. Do not slouch, keep your back straight!

Indisputable advantages:

  • the accuracy of the hips;
  • slim legs;
  • the waist is clearly visible, or somehow marked;
  • athletic appearance.

Be proud of these qualities and demonstrate them in every possible way. Broad shoulders - not a defect! Be careful with the extra volume, but do not forget to emphasize the beauty of this part of the body.

Important! An imbalance in the proportions of the voluminous “top” and the narrow “bottom” gives the female silhouette some masculinity. This shortcoming is easy to fix by choosing the right clothing style.

How to dress to look stylish and beautiful?

Regardless of type, a woman should always remain feminine.

Dress selection

Do you want to be elegant and unique? Do not go in for sportswear. Wear dresses! And do it more often and with pleasure.

The best styles:

  • dress shirt;
  • "safari";
  • cut "with a smell";
  • the silhouette of the type of letter "A";
  • with flared skirt;
  • sheath dress with a peplum;
  • straight cut without extra volume.

In solemn occasions, the "Greek" dress looks great.

On a note! The draped fold of the Empire style will make the woman square.

Do not be alarmed by the asymmetry regarding the sleeves, the openness of the shoulders, the smell, the patterns, the bows and other jewelry, shifted to one side.

Blouses, shirts, tops and blouses

Do not be afraid of experiments. Even the good old classics are not always right.

Inverted Triangle selects:

  • black “top” and white “bottom”;
  • dark tops with an armhole-American or wide straps;

Important! Thin straps, like light shades, make unnecessary volume more noticeable.

  • blouses of a minimalist cut, drapery, overlap are permissible;
  • V-neckline, lush bow under the throat;
  • all kinds of tunics and blouses;
  • shirts of "men's" styles from plain fabric or with a longitudinal strip;
  • thin knitted sweaters of medium length with a zipper;
  • Raglan sleeves or half-sleeved;
  • cardigans with a hood.

Important! To visually narrow the shoulders, keep the collar open and do not wear bulky collars.


Suitable models:

  • corrugated and pleated;
  • “Sun” and “half-sun”;
  • trapezoidal;
  • a tulip skirt;
  • checkered straight and oblique cut;
  • draped by the basques.

Length is not essential, but the waist is preferred in its natural place.

Important! The chic option is “maxi” to the floor with an open cut to the side. Any prints, decoration with flounces and frills will do.

Pants (jeans) and shorts

Without them, women's wardrobe looks poor. And fashionistas with "triangular" shapes without trousers - as without arms.

Without hesitation, wear any styles:

  • denim “boyfriends”, “pipes”, classic, “torn”;
  • shortened and narrowed style, flared trousers, “palazzo”, “chinos”, “breeches”;
  • shorts, "Bermuda", "gaucho";
  • "Afghani", "cargo", "bloomers".

On a note! Better to do without leggings and “skinny”. If you can’t refuse them completely, then you should pay attention to the bright print, decor and “scuffs”.


Be careful with jackets and jackets of the male type. Avoid fitted, short, with an emphasis on the shoulders.

Great for:

  • “Chanel” jackets of a semi-adjacent silhouette with a peplum, a fastener - a button, supplemented with a belt or belt;
  • with an open neck;
  • semi-fitted, single-breasted with a jacket collar;
  • straight on the belt and without it;
  • "Flush" from the waistline.

On a note! A categorical “no” epaulettes, epaulettes, decorated shoulders, trench-classics.

Cloaks are flared with a belt.

Jackets are best classic, but you can wear jackets and bombers.

In winter, without hesitation, “dive” into fur coats. And it doesn’t matter whether they are cut: straight or flared, have a stand-up collar or a hood.

Important! The intricacy of the cut of the neck fold and sleeve cuffs is unacceptable.


A good choice - models with a neck strap . The swimming trunks are wide on the sides, possible with ties, with transverse drapery and decor.

Slender beauties should prefer a sporty style.

What to refuse?

Must not be:

  • shoulder pads;
  • collars - "collars";
  • large lapels;
  • ruffle, shuttlecocks, printed "top";
  • narrow strapless;
  • neckline - “boats”;
  • volume sleeves;
  • loose hoodies.

Be careful about:

  • short tops;
  • tight things;
  • Oversize;
  • dark skinny trousers;
  • square cutouts;
  • transverse strips of the "top";
  • too short "mini".

Shoes & Accessories

Shoes should be bright, shifting accents from the "top" down. Catchy decor and non-trivial tones are welcome. Instead of “stilettos” it’s better to choose stable heels or wedges.

Flat shoes look good:

  • various "ballet shoes";
  • sandals on straps, decorated with a different type of fringe or rhinestones;
  • boots with high tops and buckles;
  • studded boots.

Feel free to buy large bags of geometric shapes with rounded corners . Best leather with an embossed pattern or print. Prefer small handbags - then a “rectangle” clutch .

Choose long, light scarves, “hanging” chains and beads . Whereas catkins are preferable elongated or “cloves”. Massive jewelry save for hands. Do not forget about the wide belts with buckles in the hips. And it’s good to tie a narrow belt around the waist.

A stylish woman is always beautiful, regardless of her form. The main thing is to find your individual image, and then you are definitely guaranteed universal male attention.