Images of Larisa Guzeeva: style or bad taste?

The permanent leader of the beloved talk show of the female half of Channel One viewers has been a beautiful woman for a decade. Yes, yes, this is Larisa Guzeeva!

The fame and love of fans brought her the role of the main character in the film "Cruel Romance". But even today, the actress and TV presenter is in the zone of constant attention. The audience is interested in everything: personal life, habits, character traits. Her wardrobe is not left without attention.

Only her lazy did not discuss her outfits! Even fans often criticize her appearance. Although not all the images of the actress and TV presenter are so bad, among them are successful bows. We suggest that you verify this.


  • Successful images of Larisa Guzeeva
  • Color that to face
  • Loose fit
  • Unsuccessful images of the actress
  • Excess fur
  • Kilogram combination
  • Bad horizontal
  • Old fashioned image

Successful images of Larisa Guzeeva

Before us is a very effective woman who has her own view and opinion on the compilation of the wardrobe.

Color that to face

This is especially true for the color scheme, taking into account individual data. Her color type belongs to the winter group. Moreover, according to the actress, she does not seek to dress fashionably and stylishly, but does so in accordance with her personal preferences and taste. And despite extensive criticism of her, she continues to look as she sees fit. Periodically, her efforts are not in vain. Here are some good solutions.

In black

The most spectacular on the actress look outfits in black. They emphasize its natural beauty and charm.

This is especially noticeable in costumes made in a strict, restrained manner.

Successful for the appearance of Guzeeva is a combination of a black bottom and a bright, possibly even mottled, top.

Another good example is a set of black-skinned trousers of a black tone and a blouse with an abstract pattern.

In green

Another color that undoubtedly suits her is green, presented in all its diversity.

For example, a dark olive dress, which, thanks to an interesting cut, gives the figure harmony and elegance.

A peppermint shade blouse combined with black dress pants also gives the woman a fresh look. This outfit makes her several years younger. And the severity of the lower part brings a touch of elegance to the costume.

Loose fit

The following successful decision fully demonstrates us the style of the actress.

Thanks to an elegant dress of a free silhouette made of draped light fabric, she looks feminine and full of self-esteem.

Seeing these outfits, one can safely say that this famous woman has a sense of style. Maybe her appearance can not be called a standard, but he is sustained in a single manner and not without charm.

Unsuccessful images of the actress

But one cannot fail to note the fact that recently attacks on Guzeeva’s appearance have become more frequent. At the same time, they sound not only from critics, but also from fans of the actress.

Despite the rather spectacular image of the TV presenter, fans reproach her for the presence in the general ensemble of a large number of jewelry, an addiction to free cut, fleece blouses. These things , in their opinion, make a woman older and visually add extra pounds to her. They also do not like the idol's addiction to furs and flamboyant clothes. Decide for yourself whether this criticism seems reasonable to you.

Excess fur

A beautiful ensemble of a black jacket and a deep purple pencil skirt, no doubt, is very suitable for a woman. They emphasize the advantages of her figure, look stylish and harmonious.

But the whole impression is spoiled by draped over furs. They violate the overall composition and give along a ridiculous look.

Kilogram combination

The next set makes the figure visually much more voluminous than in reality.

Although, putting on these things, Guzeeva, most likely, was striving for the opposite goal, she wanted to hide the lack of harmony.

If she used these items in combination with others, perhaps the effect would have been achieved. And so the silhouette is overloaded at the top. And the beads emphasize this even more.

Bad horizontal

This dress, due to its color scheme, free cut and sufficient length, looks good on the actress.

An interestingly designed boat neckline allows you to demonstrate a beautiful curvature of the neck and emphasizes the delicate oval of the face.

But the outfit has one drawback, which negates the positive impression of the look. This is the arrangement of the transverse stripes. They bring disharmony into the overall presentation of the appearance and look like an extra detail.

Old fashioned image

And this appearance as if came from the mid-eighties. And if the lower part looks acceptable, then the frill blouse looks awful.

For the upper part, it is preferable to use a not so dull color and choose a more classic design of the decollete zone.

This outfit also more likely resembles the images of Soviet women, despite the abundance of pearls, which at that time not everyone could afford.

It is curious that Guzeeva herself explained the ridiculous outfits from her wardrobe with the creative vision of her stylists. As she herself said: “Each of us has his own work. And on the set I put on what I have prepared. "

And how do you think, does Larisa Guzeeva need additional help from professionals?