The image with a red skirt

Remember how in Gone With the Wind, Rhett Butler won the favor of Mommy, Scarlett's faithful servant and teacher (Mom could not stand him)? He gave her a red skirt! If even an older African-American with excess weight and great life experience could not resist the charm of this item of clothing, then a modern lady of any age who wants to look fashionable and bright is simply obliged to experiment with him!

How to combine and wear a red skirt

This thing is “with character”: it is worth putting it on in the wrong color or stylistic combination with other clothes and even accessories - and it will turn your outfit into cheap, artsy or tasteless, screaming. After all, this is a very noticeable thing, it will certainly attract the views of those around it to the hostess - and any absurdity, any lack of outfit will be visible, as in the light of a searchlight!

The red skirt creates such a bright accent that the rest of the clothes and accessories should only complement it - attention to you will be enough, so give up rhinestones and sequins, transparent fabrics for the top and deep cleavage, makeup in the style of “Indian Sioux on the warpath” and the abundance of jewelry - all this will turn you not into a stylish lady, but into a city crazy woman.

What colors can I wear:

  • With black. This is a real classic, but it does not go out of fashion. With a midi, put on a jacket and a black blouse - there will be a bright and practical bow for everyday life;

  • With white. Blouses and shirts will look great with any length of the skirt; these are elegant and casual clothes for work. Brightness is compensated by unobtrusive white;

  • Effective options are white-black stripes and peas (but not a cage - it already “overloads”). A wonderful look is obtained with a vest blouse;

  • Deep, noble tones of red (wine, burgundy) perfectly harmonize with gray and beige. These tones soften the brightness, make the look elegant - therefore suitable for both the street and office;

  • Another stylish casual bow suitable for active girls is a combination with blue and blue denim. A shirt and jacket made of denim are combined with such a skirt cheerfully and elegantly;

  • What about vibrant colors? And it is possible. But this, of course, is not a combination of office and evening - rather, casual, organically looking in the summer. It is desirable that the skirt be light, "flying", possibly even asymmetric;

  • Leopard print and other "animal" prints can also be worn - but keep in mind: such a look requires an impeccable taste and does not tolerate redundancy, otherwise it will come out variegated and “collective-farm”.

Important! About prints on outerwear: are they acceptable? Of course, a young girl in a T-shirt with a print and a mini looks cute and fun, but I don’t recommend such a combination to ladies of age, except for any thematic event - a rock concert, festival, convention.

Creating a fashionable look with a red skirt

Fashionistas who love to make a vivid impression can rejoice: it is expected that in 2019 and even in 2020 red will be in trend, with pink, raspberry and carrot shades relevant in all shades - from delicate coral to deep burgundy.

Midi is excellent for office bows - pencil and sun models will look spectacular and appropriate (but we put on a plain top with it).

For evening outings:

  • elegant, in the style of the year, which is a kind of cross between a pencil and a flared one (it looks very feminine, but the color will give you a nature prone to violent passions if you choose a bright shade);

  • in the airy and a little frivolous, airy - or, conversely, monumental, long, falling down - in the Empire style. All the shade will help you with the thaw unforgettable oh, but don’t go too far with “greatness”, after all, this color is very vital, you don’t want to remind the Count Dracula’s bride who rose from the grave?

For street fashion designers are advised to choose models:

  • fitted and lush;

  • with an A-silhouette;

  • Also on the catwalk "ran" a stunning mini of red leather.

Important! In order not to look cheap and vulgar in a leather mini, avoid products with metal fittings (rivets, chains, buckles, decorative zippers and other “trinkets”).

How to choose accessories and shoes for a red skirt

Do not abuse jewelry - just one or two details, suitable in style and color scheme.

As for shoes, there are almost no restrictions:

  • high-heeled shoes are ideal for almost every model and are suitable for any exit - to the light, and to the office, and for an informal meeting with friends;

  • if you like a wedge heel - choose a more elegant option;

  • ballet shoes, sneakers, sneakers and sandals can also perfectly suit the models of certain youth styles - this option is loved by young girls who love an active life and spend the day in active movements, and vacation - on travel;

  • in this case, ankle boots look successful and elegant.

Important! Caution with ankle boots, and even more carefully - with high boots. If they are still suitable for mini, then with midi and maxi they give you excessive rusticness, or even something gypsy.

The main principles of the selection of shoes:

  • if the shoes are the same color, it is desirable that they match the skirt as precisely as possible in shade, otherwise it turns out tasteless;

  • concise design. The more restrained he is, the more elegant.

How to choose a bag? Ideal options are a clutch bag and a small frame handbag. An urban backpack will organically fit into the street style.

The color of the bag should be matched to the tone of the top, accessories or shoes. If you really want to have a red bag, let it be a baguette worn under the arm.