The image with a red pencil skirt

A pencil skirt is an almost win-win option for any woman. Strict, she emphasizes the figure, outlining it with flowing seductive lines.

A red pencil skirt is not only a bold decision, but in a sense even a provocation.

Only a confident woman can wear a scarlet pencil skirt.

Variety of models

Of course, a pencil skirt is a classic of the genre, the most famous designers of the world must include it in their collections (photo). But it can be completely different in style, length, texture, while always causing delight.

Important! The appearance should be only one bright accent - a skirt, the rest of the details should simply complement the image. Ideal, play in contrast.

High waist

Such a model works wonders - it makes the waist thinner, increases the hips, and gives the legs harmony. Very often, overweight girls choose it, because such a skirt hides all the flaws of the figure, turning them into virtues. It goes well with different bows.

With basky

Girls with narrow hips in the presented style will be even more attractive to improve the silhouette. But such a model should be wary of girls with wide hips, because the Basques make the bottom heavier.

With pockets

Petite skinny girls queue up for this skirt. After all, pockets visually increase the volume of the hips. Only very thin girls can afford such a pleasure.

Materials and finishes

Such skirts can be sewn from any kind of fabric. It's all about taste ...


There are a lot of skirts from knitwear, they can be found in any color, in any solution. Also, combining such a model is easier than the rest - both the classic and the simple turtleneck will look chic. Knitwear looks great on thin girls and young ladies with uniforms.


Denim skirts are relevant in everyday life, they can be trimmed with buttons, pockets, etc. The only rule is that such skirts cannot be worn by women with fluffy hips, denim will visually increase their size.


Give elegance to the image. The option is ideal for office, business meetings, and for an evening dinner. The main thing is to successfully combine with the top.


Such a skirt is quite extravagant, only a girl with a bold style in clothing can opt for it. The top to such a skirt will also be appropriate knitted. I must say that knitwear visually give volume. When choosing such a model, it is important to consider this.

For the image of the fatal beauty, it is great to put on a leather jacket-jackets and massive athletic boots on a white T-shirt. And there is wearing black glasses with dark glasses.

What pencil skirts suit every type of figure?

Given all the advantages and disadvantages of our figure, we select the style.

"Pear" ("guitar")

Owners of such a figure should choose a skirt with a straight bottom, rather than a narrower one. At the same time, the skirt should not be drapery or other patchwork elements. It is best that the skirt be marked with a 3-4 cm wide belt. The length should not be midi - either a few cm above or below the knee.


This type does not need a belt. The skirt should be narrowed down, and the fabric should be dense.

Inverted Triangle

Of course, girls with such a figure are better to visually increase the bottom than tight. But, if you really want to, you can afford a pencil with a large print or ornament.

"An Apple"

Here you need to definitely choose a high-waisted style. In this case, the tone of red should be dark.


Such a skirt model is exactly your option, so choose any style.

What colors are best combined with?

White (light) top

Light white shirt in white. And the shoes are white, black or beige.

The black

Of course, this is the unfading classic of the genre. Black blouse, shoes and bag. The main thing to remember is that you can not wear red things, more than one. That is, in our case, this is already a skirt.


A great option that brings special chic to the image.

What to wear with a red pencil skirt?

The red pencil skirt itself is quite attractive. But at the same time you need to know what to wear with it, so as not to spoil the appearance.

Jacket + Blouse

For an official style, such a suit is ideal. For freshness, you can experiment a little with colors and shades.

Stylish strip

Lightweight striped sweatshirts, blouses and T-shirts perfectly dilute strict red.

Not out of fashion peas

Lightweight shirts with contrasting peas are a great option for warm weather. If the wind rises, you can always throw a jacket.

Denim shirt

An interesting and free image. When dressing like this, it is important to remember that everything in such a dress should be in harmony with each other.


For girls with a thin waist, this option is perfect.

If you are going to a restaurant in the evening, put on a delicate lace corset, beige boats and a clutch to match them. Long earrings will be a great addition.

Fashionable looks with accessories

A small clutch or a small handbag will look great in such a company.

Their color can be selected for any part of the image, including another accessory, but not under the skirt.

A thin black belt will bring grace to the image. If the top is modest, an interesting option will be massive beads of red or golden color.

In conclusion, we can say that such models are chosen by girls who know their worth firmly, confident, strong, business. Such an image will definitely make a proper impression and will be remembered by others for a long time.