If you have to wear someone else's clothes: how not to harm yourself

A colleague suggested good children's things: his grandson quickly grew out of them, managed to put on several times. And they fit our own. They took it, but something “scratches” it: it seems that the 21st century is in the yard, and we are wearing clothes. And then a friend told me how her clothes fell from her sister. So I thought: how to relate to this?

Wear it without prejudice: the second life of things is normal!

The tradition of delivering solid other people's things did not appear today. And there is nothing wrong with that. It is no coincidence that one can hear about our contemporaries that we are all a generation of consumers. Extending the life of clothing is one way to defeat the destructive culture of consumer society.

Think for yourself why a suit for which the labor of people was spent, for which money was paid, should go to the trash? This thing can still serve!

This attitude to clothes has many advantages.

  • Significant savings, especially on children's clothing. Moms know how expensive seasonal things are. The warm baby jumpsuit does not have time to get dirty. Why lay out for the same, but new, impressive amount? Many children simply do not have time to wear part of a rich dowry - they grow up. Let quality little things serve the following owners!
  • An opportunity to pick up clothes for a different build . Have you recovered or lost weight? So, the old wardrobe (not cheap, lovingly chosen) should change. It is unlikely that there will be many middle-income people who are ready to update their clothes at once. But picking up or buying it with a markdown from the hands is real and unprofitable.
  • A variety of offers for any season and occasion . You can find for yourself things of the desired style and purpose, indeed, "both in the feast and in the world."

Important! Fashion is changing, so it’s better to add the basic things of a classic cut and color to the wardrobe.

This does not apply to children's clothing, unless you are looking for collections for the baby from brands with world names. But then you would hardly be interested in this topic of conversation.

Caution will not hurt

Despite all the advantages, some people are afraid to wear other people's things. And part of their doubts are well founded. We offer some tips to help protect yourself.

What can be carried and what is better to refuse

To begin, determine for yourself the reasonable boundaries of the possible. At the same time, keep in mind that it is better not to reuse some other things.


Do not wear someone else 's underwear, socks, thermal underwear and tights . There is one exception - if the tag and the whole package are preserved. Only then you can wear it all, after washing.


Important! Do not take (for anyone) children's shoes. The foot of the child is formed individually. Slippers, boots and boots are stomped, taking into account the characteristics of a particular leg.

Don't want your daughter clumsy like a neighbor's baby? Buy her new shoes instead of other people's beautiful ballet shoes, which they put on "only for two matinees."

With adults, the situation is simpler - the foot is already formed. A worn block will either fit or be uncomfortable. In the second case, you simply will not wear such shoes.

Things from acquaintances - a safe option

Caution is a useful feeling if you need to try something on yourself after other owners.

Old clothes are best taken from friends or relatives. You are at their place, you know the features of life, habits and you see the attitude to things.

Attention! It is not recommended to use old things if you are aware of the presence of diseases in the family.

Various hepatitis and skin diseases can threaten the health of subsequent owners. Has someone in the family died and his clothes are being handed out now? Think carefully about whether or not to participate in this charity auction.

Prepare things for use

Even if you got things from friends or relatives, it is better to wash, iron, sort them.

Important! Washing (possibly dry cleaning) is an indispensable way of processing old things before further use. The best way to protect children's underwear is to boil and iron after drying.

Getting rid of the energy of the previous owner

And you can hear about old things that they store someone else's energy. And it is very different. Perhaps that is why one can hear stories that the jacket bought from a divorced woman began to badly affect the peace of mind of the new owner, causing depression. Or about a fur coat inherited from the late grandmother, who (a fur coat, not a grandmother!) As if transferred all the illnesses of the old woman to her granddaughter.

You can believe in these stories, they can be ignored. But often, new clothing owners prefer to get rid of someone else's energy. If you also want to do this, we offer esoteric advice.

Rules for Karmic Cleaning

  • Any old thing can be charged with pleasant emotions if, by stroking it with your hand, good words are sentenced. Simple wishes will come up (rushing and sitting well, not tearing and not getting dirty) and an expression of joy from owning clothes.
  • Washing before wearing is a must! If you wash in running water, then the thing will get a new energy, and the old one will leave.
  • Spray old clothing with holy water . This is a proven method that protects against many negative influences.
  • You can fumigate another person’s thing with herbs - sprigs of dry wormwood or thyme. Any fragrant collection available in the house will do.

Important! Intuition is a loyal assistant in choosing clothes (not just worn ones). If, having put it on, you feel discomfort, unpleasant thoughts come to your head, a chill runs through your body - do not take it, even if it is a dream thing.

We hope that all the things that fall into your wardrobe will give you joy!