How a woman looks stylish in a shirt with a sweater

The cool autumn season will soon come, and you will need to add a warm sweater to your usual shirt. Do not think that it will deprive you of elegance! With the help of this top, you can create actual stylish images. This combination has long been included in the wardrobe of modern fashionistas. We will teach you how to wear them.

How to choose a shirt to a sweater

This pair will be warm and therefore very comfortable to wear in the fall. The sweater can be thin, made of delicate knitwear, without seals. But oversized fashion models are also relevant.

Tip. Full girls are better off choosing sweaters without voluminous prints, preferably a dark color. This will visually reduce the waist.

The shirt can be any color. Very contrasting combinations in clothes look very fashionable and beautiful. The dark goes well with a light, bright sweater - with a plain light shirt . If the neck is not wide, a shirt with a small collar or without it will look good.

Important! A white shirt in a classic style looks great with any bold bright colors and even hand-knitted sweaters.

It is worn both at work in the office, and at a meeting with friends, at the theater or for a walk. The image is universal.

If the girl is very slim, you can take a very large shirt and a short sweater with a sleeve ¾. A similar bow will emphasize youth and harmony.

Denim shirts can also be worn with hoodies from various fabrics. So the youth image is formed.

How to wear a sweater shirt

To the familiar combination does not look boring, you need to consider several nuances.

Important! Today it is fashionable to wear large shirts that stick out from under the knitwear, and the sleeves have to be rolled up.

  • An interesting trendy combination is white plus white . This is a very stylish look, but watch for perfect whiteness . A washed sweater will look untidy!

  • Among the latest fashion trends is also a short sleeve sweater .

  • Frivolous shades of knitwear (for example, bright yellow, red) are in fashion. Such products are appropriate even in serious cases.

  • One of the latest fashionable solutions is to roll up sleeves to give the image a slight negligence.

We make a stylish look with a shirt and a sweater

The image can be considered complete when the right matching bottom and shoes are matched to the top.

What skirt and pants to wear

To continue the image, do not forget to consider the shape of the body and choose the right style .

When choosing the bottom, continue to form the selected style.

  • If he is business, trousers or a skirt should be classic: straight trousers or a pencil skirt. For office style, a black-and-white gamut can be considered a win-win option; this is a classic business style.

  • If you prefer casual or grunge, wear jeans or leggings .

Tip. Absolutely white top, a checkered print sweater and pale blue jeans look very stylish. A stretched baggy sweater will harmonize with them.

  • For a walk or meeting with friends, you can wear more comfortable casual trousers . If the shirt is jeans, jeans or a straight dark skirt will look great.

  • Girls with an aspen waist can be tucked in a shirt and sweater in trousers with a demonstration of a classic belt.

What shoes are right

The final element of the style is shoes and accessories.

  • Light loafers or ballet flats are perfect for a walk.
  • Ankle boots will look good with a plaid shirt and a plain sweater.
  • Large boots with massive soles fit under a cage and jeans.
  • Classic sneakers fit perfectly with ripped or frayed jeans of all shades.

Tip. White sneakers or sneakers are the trend for this season. They come with light trousers and a nautical-themed sweater or striped print.

  • Youth style with jeans is perfectly complemented with pumps with or without heels.
  • Classic stilettos are indispensable for creating an elegant look. They complement the austere style in restrained tones. Complex prints on shoes are best combined not with a shirt and sweater, but with a spectacle frame or clutch.
  • Timberlands will look great with leather pants and a cashmere sweater.

And one last tip. Pay attention to the collar neatly sticking out from under the sweater. It should be clean and level. This gives the look a truly stylish look.