How to weave a towel

Recently, it has again become fashionable to engage in needlework or, as is commonly called, hand-made. Any old things can get a second life. For example, bath towels. Out of circulation products can be applied in the form of an excellent material for a home rug. In needlework, both large bath wipers and small options for hands or face are used. They can be plain or multi-colored, terry and waffle. Even if the textiles are old, it does not matter at all. The torn piece should be thrown out, this will not affect the general quality of the product for the legs. However, for fluffy such a carpet is better to use large terry towels. Their plus can be considered quite a large size. Such fabric does not scrub and does not sprinkle. So there will be no harm from the mat.

The process does not require special skills, special knowledge either . And it can also be turned into an exciting activity with children.

How to prepare a towel for weaving

Special training for the manufacture of a new home accessory is not required. Clean towels

need to be cut into strips of the same width of about 5-8 centimeters .

REFERENCE! For the average doormat, you will need three bath towels.

Colors are better to choose different, but compatible with each other.

Cut strips can be left without firmware. But for the accuracy of the future product, their long edges can be sewn together.

Towel Weaving Technique

There are two varieties of making a fluffy rug.

  • In the first embodiment, the braid is extended as the bands end.
  • In the second, long stripes are immediately made, and then weaved.

Weaving technique

  • To get started, take three strips of different colors, fold their ends together, sew the beginning .
  • Then weave the usual braid, as was done by the daughter in the kindergarten. If the first option is selected, then, as necessary, the ends of the strips are hemmed with the next piece of fabric.
  • The ends of the finished product should also be stitched .
  • Now we turn the resulting braid into a spiral, periodically stitching the coils together.

A warm and soft round mat is ready. It will be perfectly located in the bathroom or toilet, on the balcony or near the bed.

TIP! You can also make such a rug square or rectangular. For this, several braids are braided. Then these braids are sewn together.

You can sew an applique on top and decorate the edges with cute pompons.

This type of creativity will bring not only useful crafts to the house, but also allow you to have a wonderful time with your family.