How to wear women's timberland boots

The famous Timberland boots were created specifically for climbers and travel enthusiasts. They are comfortable, durable and waterproof. Now they are worn by everyone who is associated with an active lifestyle, as well as lovers of stylish and comfortable shoes.

Timberland Boot Combination Features

Timberlands fell in love with Hollywood stars. Famous actors can be seen in these shoes on walks or jogs. These shoes are comfortable and durable, and you can wear them with different clothing options. A distinctive feature of timberlands is that they suit completely different styles of clothing: military, casual, classic style, outfits in a cowboy or nautical style.

REFERENCE! Timberland itself was founded in 1952. In addition to shoes, which have already become a legend, they produce clothes and accessories for men, women and children. Timberland boots have become a household name, thanks to a recognizable design. Any shoes similar to them can be called the same.

What women need to wear timberland boots with

We offer some interesting combination ideas.

  • Red timberlands will help to make the look more homely and soft.
  • Yellow color will add unique colors to your everyday look.
  • Especially successful is their combination with military-style clothing. To create such an image, it is enough to supplement the jeans with an army belt and put on a khaki sweatshirt or windbreaker.
  • Timberlands go well with accessories made of rhinestones, for example, with a clutch bag, jewelry or a jacket supplemented with rhinestones.
  • Another weighty plus timberlands is that you can wear them not only in the offseason, because they are waterproof, but also in the winter season. Shoes will look nice with a sheepskin coat or a down jacket. They can also be in harmonious colors with timberlands.

IMPORTANT! Surprisingly, lumberjacks could see each other from afar due to the bright timberlands. And after only a hundred years, everyone began to wear these shoes. And in the women's wardrobe, timberlands do not occupy the last place.

What Skirts and Dresses to Wear With Timberland Shoes

Rough-soled boots blend perfectly with a dress or jacket.

  • It is worth paying special attention to dresses in a sports style: T-shirts, vests, polo models.
  • You can create a vivid and memorable image by combining a wide sweater and a flared skirt.
  • Timberlands can also be worn with a leather pencil skirt.
  • Separately, it is worth noting the style of country in combination with timberlands. Dresses in this style, in addition to a woven bag and wooden jewelry, will make a lasting impression. This outfit can also be supplemented with leggings.

ATTENTION! An incredibly feminine silhouette can be created with a chiffon outfit or lace. The contrast in this case will be created due to the difference in materials: rough brutal shoes and light fabrics.

Trousers and pants for women's timberland boots: we choose the right

Often in the wardrobe there is clothing in dark colors: black pants or jeans and a black jacket. This image can be freshened with the help of rich shades of timberlands. The emphasis in this case is just on them.

Timberlands can be combined with all jeans, tight or wide, dark blue or blue, worn or with holes. But it is always important to pay attention to details and to correctly place accents. Complement your look with a denim vest and skinny jeans. The result is an image in the style of the nineties.

A checkered shirt, a leather jacket and a small bag are a casual option. Timberlands will look perfect even with short denim shorts. This option is suitable for warm autumn. You can also warm up with tights with various prints on them.

So, timberlands have firmly entered our lives and are not going to leave. We hope this article will help in creating amazing and memorable images with this unique shoe.