How to wear women's deserts

Modern women's fashion is multifaceted and unique. Many products are distinguished by their special style and convenience. These include women's deserts - bright and original shoes. They are suitable for almost any image, stand out for their unique design and comfort.

Women's deserts: description and features

Deserts, like many wardrobe items, came to us from the form of military uniforms of the mid-twentieth century. They are ankle-high boots with thick soles. As a material for tailoring, suede fabric is used. There are several lace holes on the sides.

Many modern models stand out with a bright seam stitch that runs at the junction of the sole and material connection. Classic shoes are decorated only with lacing. Modern designers add new elements as additional accessories:

  • fur inserts;
  • ornament;
  • bright stickers;
  • embroidery.

Reference! Many designers use not only suede, but also genuine leather when sewing shoes of this style.

Initially, the shoes were exclusively a men's accessory. Therefore, all models were made almost on a solid sole, with a small rise. The modern product belongs to the “unisex” style, so such shoes are suitable for men and women. Many fashion designers produce exclusively female version: on heels or wedges.

How to wear women's deserts

A distinctive feature of deserts is their versatility. Many photos with examples indicate that they are suitable for almost any style, with the exception of strictly sports or evening. Girls combine this model with airy dresses with a feminine style, jeans and a leather jacket for casual, skinny trousers and skirts in a classic. The boots warmed by fur are suitable for use in cooler weather.

Reference! A model with a heel is suitable for a strict office ensemble.

The main direction of shoes in the women's wardrobe was the casual style. Such products are suitable for cropped trousers, loose-fitting jackets and voluminous sweaters. The choice of the bottom should be approached carefully: a skirt or dress with a knee-length, narrowed or cropped trousers will become a competent addition. Desserts cannot be combined with floor-length skirts, flared trousers or jeans.

Creating modern looks with women's deserts

Feminine and sophisticated outfits are loved by every fashionista. For example, a burgundy bell skirt with a knee-length and a black blouse will make an excellent combination. As shoes, deserts of black color should be preferred. Of the accessories - a black or burgundy clutch and a neck pendant. This image is suitable for going on dates or meetings of a romantic nature.

Advice! In sunny weather, you can complement the outfit with cat-eye glasses.

Casual style is one of the main areas in which fashionistas actively mix products from men's and women's wardrobe. Checkered sand trousers made of sandy shade with a length of 7/8, a white T-shirt and a jacket will make up a fashionable and bright ensemble. Of the accessories: a brown thin strap, a brown bag and gray boots without a heel, a brown hat can be put on your head.

For a casual style, this combination is also suitable: black 7/8 skinny trousers and a black tight jacket. A black and white striped t-shirt or a white shirt can make up the top. Accessories include black boots and a gray bag. In cool weather, you can tie a gray stole or a scarf collar to the neck.

Most residents of the big city adhere to a strict classical style. Wedge heeled deserts are suitable here. As a basis, you can use a pantsuit. For example, blue trousers, a white blouse of a free cut, black deserts on a platform and a black volume bag.

Important! Long-legged girls fit pants with a length of 7/8 in combination with high-heeled shoes. Miniature girls are better off choosing products in standard lengths.

Desert shoes relatively recently began to appear in the women's wardrobe, but immediately received wide recognition among modern fashionistas. With their help, you can create bright and unique outfits, show your style and stand out from the crowd. Such shoes will be a competent complement in any closet.