How to wear a women's denim shirt

Things made of dense and coarse denim and its elastic and body analogue of stretch are commonly called “denim”. The classic version of jeans is considered trousers, and shirts that can be worn by both women and men.

Men can wear loose and comfortable denim shirts with anything. Even a combination of a blue top and a darker hem, sewn from the same material, will be appropriate. With women's shirts it’s more and more difficult, and sometimes it’s not so easy to choose the rest of the image for them.

How to wear a denim shirt for women

When deciding to buy women's clothing from denim, you need to consider that even if you like a thing, its style may not fit the figure. To avoid such a nuisance, you need to consider the following tips from stylists:

  • girls “in the body” need to pay attention to the “male” models of shirts long to the middle of the thigh;
  • girls who would like to visually enlarge their breasts should give preference to models with original trim and voluminous turn-down collars;
  • emphasize the fragility and harmony of the silhouette will help buttons and buttons of a small size, located from the gate to the bottom;
  • shortened models will underline the waistline if they are tucked in by the belt and worn to release.

Important! A denim shirt is usually worn either buttoned up and tucked in trousers or a skirt, or completely unfastened and put it on over a T-shirt or sundress. The first option is suitable even for strict office dress code, the second - for everyday wear.

What clothes does a women's jeans shirt look best with? The combination may include:

Jeans, trousers

One of the most practical combinations recognized by the classics is a tandem of a blue denim shirt with white or black trousers. To refuel it or not is a matter of taste.

If you really want to wear a shirt and jeans together, it is important to find the optimal combination of colors - the bottom and top should not fall out of the same color scheme.

Advice! Visually separate the jeans top and bottom of the same color with a contrasting and bright belt. The color of the belt can be in harmony with the bag or shoes.

Skinny leggings look good with loose denim shirts. They can be sewn from cotton or thick knitwear, without a pattern or pattern.


In the warm season, long denim shirts in tandem with mini skirts will look great. A shirt can be a complement to the image and not be zipped, and vice versa. “Mini” with lace trim is especially good for the look.

Recently, tutu skirts are very fashionable, which are worn not only by little girls, but also by their older sisters and mothers. In a company with such a fluffy skirt, denim shirts with a rolled up sleeve and an open collar look great.

To create a calm and feminine look, a knee-length skirt should be worn under a denim shirt. Combinations with pleated and tight-fitting pencil skirts look stylish and sophisticated, for which high-heeled boats are so requested.

Those who love the maxi styles on the floor should prefer light models of chiffon or organza skirts. This image is perfect for evening walks around the city or the sea coast on a long-awaited vacation. With long skirts, fitted and shortened models will look best.

Important! For the warm season, it is better to choose bright and “juicy” color combinations. So, under a blue denim shirt, you can safely put on a pink “mini” or a bright yellow “maxi”. If the upper part of the outfit is light, the bottom can be selected in a darker and more contrasting shade.

In autumn, you can wear flared skirts made of thick velvet or velvet with a denim shirt. Especially interesting are the models of skirts with a geometric, floral or fantasy print.

Shoe selection

Almost any shoes are suitable for a jeans shirt, it all depends on the general style:

  • light sneakers or massive sneakers under the leggings;
  • under classic models of trousers, loafers or shoes with a low stroke are suitable;
  • to create the image of freedom-loving cowboys, you need high boots of the Cossacks or in a cowboy style;
  • under skirts or dresses over which an unbuttoned shirt is thrown on, you can choose sandals on a flat or high move, ballet shoes, rag loafers;
  • bold girls can put on boats or stilettos under the miniskirts.

Important! In order not to overdo it with the amount of denim in the image, it is better to refuse ballet shoes, moccasins or boots sewn from fabric “under the jeans”.


Choosing the right accessories is a guarantee that the image will be harmonious and complete. Together with a shirt from jeans they will look great:

  • a massive necklace worn over a buttoned collar made of wood, plastic or decorative semiprecious stones;
  • a large watch on the hand that will give an image of rigor;
  • glasses, handbag and belt, selected in the same style;
  • genuine leather accessories: bag, belt, wristbands and earrings.

Important! An animal print is in fashion this season. Especially successful in a tandem with a denim shirt look things and accessories with leopard and tiger colors, shoes and bags "under the zebra".