How to wear women's cowboy boots?

In recent years, fashion and clothing designers have increasingly turned to the topic of the Wild West. This explains the popularity of women's cowboy boots. In 2018, they became a real trend. Each fashionista wants to get a pair of such shoes to make up the coolest everyday bows.

Rules for creating an image

Cowboy boots in a woman’s wardrobe are a rather controversial thing. They do not go far to everyone. But even if they are chosen correctly, they must also be qualitatively combined with other wardrobe items and accessories.

When choosing the right model, you should know that there are two types of such boots in the modern fashion: roper and western. Note that the westerns are more like the original, have a high shaft and a narrow long toe. They are designed for horse riding. The second option is adapted for everyday wear, has a low boot and a comfortable heel. Great for everyday bows.

Important! Too long and upturned capes of a boot will become a clear indicator of a woman's lack of taste.

What clothes are combined with?

Cowboy boots are almost universal, they can be worn at any time of the year. At the same time, they look equally good and harmonious in combination with various items of the wardrobe:

  • spring bow (at the time when everything blossoms, the maxi or midi length dresses made of chiffon or other light fabrics will be an ideal pair for such shoes, in addition you can take a light short jacket, you can also pay attention to dresses or sundresses from jeans);
  • summer look (short jeans shorts and a light openwork top in cream colors will be a wonderful addition to western boots; mini-dresses with lace inserts are also suitable for a party with friends);
  • Autumn set (skinny jeans, denim skirts or shirt dresses are considered the best combination for cowboy boots);
  • winter outfit (for a feeling of comfort and warmth, as well as in an effort to show their own sense of style, designers recommend combining cowboy boots with natural fur vests and stylish short fur coats).

Most often, shoes in brown, beige and blue shades are chosen for combination with various wardrobe items . Girls willingly use a similar pair of shoes in their own images for every day, not being afraid to take risks.

Why not wear them?

Designers categorically remind that combining cowboy-style boots is not recommended:

  • with cocktail dresses;
  • with dresses for special occasions;
  • with clothes in a business style.

In these cases, such shoes will look ridiculous and inappropriate. It is worth thinking about this in advance, immediately before choosing cowboy boots.

Accessories and cowboy boots

Wide leather belts, large beads, small handbags, neckerchiefs and other products are suitable accessories for such boots. The main thing is that they are sustained in the general concept of the image and not distract the eye.

Top 5 looks with women's cowboy boots

Designers offer a huge number of bows for every day, which effectively use cowboy-style boots. Most often, designers advise using denim clothing . So the image looks the most harmonious:

  1. the romantic style can be easily emphasized with a denim dark blue shirt and a white skirt with a knee-length of a free cut, from the accessories a thick leather belt and a clutch bag, matched in the colors of the selected pair of shoes, are selected;
  2. You can get a stylish urban bow by combining a white loose medium-knit sweater with dark blue skinny jeans that are tucked into shoes and choose a bright neckerchief from accessories;
  3. a long floor-length dress with a floral print in combination with a denim jacket and brown cowboy boots will help to look stunning;
  4. cream mini lace dress and burgundy cardigan in combination with burgundy Cossacks will become a wonderful and very attractive casual clothing option;
  5. for freedom-loving and daring ladies, long skirts made of tulle and other light fabrics, which complement a cropped denim jacket and Cossacks with a high top, are suitable.

Boots in the style of the Wild West are very popular today. Any fashionista wants to get a pair of similar shoes in her wardrobe. And they really can be combined with a large number of outfits.