How to wear women's boots Cossacks (photo)

Western-style things are always unusual and atmospheric. So Cossack boots are not the first season to be in trend. They are the perfect combination of romantic and brutal style. With their help, it is possible to create catchy images.

Rules for creating an image with Cossacks

Classical Cossacks have a wide top, pointed toe and a steady heel. Gradually, the variety of models has grown. Now they offer options of different lengths, with unusual decor and fashionable elements. To create a stylish bow, you need to know the basic rules for combining cowboy boots.

Rules for wearing Cossacks:

  • it is forbidden to refuel jeans in Cossacks;
  • in the cold season, you can wear elongated jackets and coats;
  • ideal pants for Cossacks - short straight or flared jeans;
  • when choosing a skirt, it is recommended to pay attention to short models or options with an average length with a smell;
  • a delicate look is obtained thanks to a light silk dress of medium or maxi length.

What clothes are combined with?

Most of the wardrobe is combined with the Cossacks. Among outerwear, you can take a coat of a straight cut. The fitted models are not suitable for cowboy boots. A raincoat baggy raincoat is also a good option. You can take a denim jacket with or without fur, leather jacket, parka, bomber jacket. In the cold season, some fashionistas wear a shortened fur coat or sheepskin coat in tandem with the Cossacks.

Bottom selection:

  • cropped dark jeans or a “boyfriend” model;
  • skin-tight leggings (in this case it is forbidden to wear a leather jacket);
  • loose culottes;
  • pleated skirt or denim model;
  • different styles of dresses - summer, winter, floral print, shirt model, long and short.

You can wear a sweater on top. Knitted volumetric models perfectly complement the image in the cold season. You can also take a shirt - denim, white, brown, in a cage. Sand suede models look interesting.

Important! Among the accessories, it is recommended to pay attention to hats, fringe decorations that emphasize the country style.

What to wear absolutely can not?

Cossacks will not fit into the business style, sports and many ethnic options. It is difficult to create a romantic and glamorous image with the help of cowboy boots. But some fashionistas try to combine the opposite styles for extravagant images.

How to choose a heel?

The most convenient option is a low beveled heel . In such shoes you can safely go on long city walks. High heels are more suitable for low girls. For tall ladies, it is better to purchase boots at low speed.

A bit about decorating Cossacks and combining with clothes

Cossack boots are considered universal and are suitable for almost all girls. In addition, it is comfortable shoes that are suitable for daily wear. The main thing is to choose the right model. Cossacks perfectly complement the casual style, country, boho, jockey. Boots go well with most clothes, so creating a bow style will not be a problem.

Dressing Cossacks:

  • red color will become the highlight of the fashion ensemble, the central element;
  • a wide shaft fits perfectly into the oversize style, moreover, against the background of voluminous boots, the legs look more elegant;
  • beveled heel shape is a trend of 2018–2019;
  • animal prints will always be in the spotlight;
  • Cossacks above the knee are suitable for autumn dresses;
  • embroidery, various inscriptions, rivets, scrapes and other fashionable details.

Fashionable combinations with female high Cossacks

Classic shorts and long jackets are perfect with tall Cossacks. The bottom can be replaced by bicycles. For high boots with a wide top, you need to choose flared dresses and skirts. The optimal length is midi or mini . Cuts allowed. The ensemble can be supplemented with a coat or jacket.

Female Cossacks always look good with jeans. You can take a skirt, pants or shorts. Jeans are better to choose with small scuffs. The image is complemented by a checkered or white shirt. The top should be rough, no smooth lines and tight silhouettes.

Important! The most suitable skirt style for cowboy boots is a wraparound model.

The combination of cowboy boots with a dress is a risky option. For an evening out, such a bow is not suitable. But you can use a combination with a light, bright dress for daytime wear.

Cossacks fit perfectly into the biker style . You can take a leather or suede jacket, wide straps are allowed. The image is complemented by a wide-brimmed hat and animal prints.

Unusual shoes with a wide top and a pointed toe can be combined with summer dresses. The image is contrasting, but stylish. It is complemented by delicate pendants on chains or bright jewelry.

Low Cossacks - examples of images

For short models, short jeans or a mid-length flared skirt are ideal. You can also take a mini dress and an extended jacket. It looks interesting tandem with business shorts and a sweater under low cowboy boots. The trendy trend is velveteen wide pants.

Examples of images with female low Cossacks:

  • long blue skirt, denim shirt, small round handbag;
  • medium-length summer dress, denim jacket, small bag with a long strap;
  • straight cut jeans, white T-shirt, elongated suede jacket, bulk bag.