How to wear a white shirt to a woman over 50

White shirt is a classic element of the basic wardrobe. This piece of clothing is easy to combine with both skirts and trousers. It is perfect for a mature woman, making her visually younger and more attractive.

The advantages of a white shirt

The undeniable advantages of a white shirt include its versatility and eternal relevance. This thing can be combined with almost any wardrobe items . She never goes out of style. Loose sleeves, gathered in cuffs on the wrists, look very feminine.

TIP! To rejuvenate externally, one should avoid excesses in the form of many ruffles and plenty of lace. Much preferable is the usual white shirt, a bit like a man's.

It is better if it is straight and not fitted. Fitting models are not acceptable for ladies of elegant age. This is due to the fact that too openly demonstrate the color of underwear and emphasize the flaws of the figure.

White shirt in stylish woman's wardrobe

To look elegant, you need to fulfill two simple conditions: choose the right shirt and skillfully combine it with other things.

How to choose

It is wiser to choose a smooth shirt.

the cloth

It should be made of natural fabrics:

  • silk,
  • cotton,
  • viscose.

Full ladies are recommended options from cotton with silk or from pure silk.

TIP! Having chosen the optimal style for yourself, which makes the woman even more beautiful, it is worth buying several identical copies.

After all, the white color is very delicate and easily soiled. Clothing may turn yellow, gray, stain.

Subtleties of choice

IMPORTANT! Elegant ladies allow themselves transparent or translucent materials of shirts exclusively under a cardigan, jacket or other outerwear.

Lacy and guipure products should be avoided . Unwanted items made from crushed and pleated fabrics are also undesirable.

What to combine with

To look attractive, fashionable and stylish, it is worth considering a number of important nuances. In addition to the fact that the material for the shirt must be of high quality, the buttons should look beautiful and chic .

Combination Options

  • Skirt. The classic version with a skirt (short, medium, long). Having put together a high-quality stitched white shirt with a pencil skirt, it is easy to get the look of a successful business woman.

TIP! To look slimmer, you can apply a little trick. A jacket is put on over the shirt - it does not fasten. The presence of two vertical lines provides a visual reduction in the volume of the figure.

  • Pants . This wardrobe item goes well with classic trousers and jeans .


It is equally important to choose the right shoes. Suitable models are:

  • shoes with or without heels;
  • ballet shoes;
  • boots;
  • boots.


IMPORTANT! For women whose smile is not perfect and their teeth are not snow-white, as well as for those whose eyes turn red from frequent reading, white color is contraindicated.

In this case, a neckerchief will help, creating a color barrier between the shirt and the face. It will distract the attention of the audience. By the way, such an accessory for a shirt, like a neckerchief, is worth falling in love with. With it, you can look very elegant.

Be beautiful! And let skillfully selected wardrobe details help you!