How to wear a white coat

Sometimes a woman wants to look unsurpassed. They wake up with this desire, do beautiful makeup, hair and choose clothes. This is where the difficulty begins, but the choice is very simple even for a cold time - a white coat.

Important. The white coat is perfect not only for a summer evening or spring, but also on a dry autumn day will give freshness and lightness .

With what to wear this element of the wardrobe? Here are a few options that will look beneficial:

  • red dress if you want to charm all eyes;
  • black top and bottom - always stylish;
  • completely white outfit - for warm weather;
  • dress pants and blouse;
  • straight or tight jeans and top;
  • pencil skirt.

What shades are

There are a couple of shades of white: snow-white, vanilla, tender milk, grayish, powdery, with blue and many others. They are not very different from each other and are combined with many colors, so that no one should have problems with the selection of clothes and accessories. Some simple tips are below.

How to combine colors

In addition to the classic black, white and red, there are other colors suitable for a light coat. Burgundy of all shades is one of the most trendy colors of the season. Brown and gray as a substitute for black. All pastel shades are suitable for white: blue, peach, coffee, soft pink. Bright colors that create contrast also look stylish.

It is important . If you choose light or dim tones, add accessories to the outfit. And vice versa, the brighter the color of the clothes, the less it needs to be supplemented with something.

About length property

Designers are constantly experimenting with shapes and styles, and as a result, now we have a huge selection of lengths and models of light coats. In order to look in it as best as possible, pay attention to these features of styles:

  • short without a collar will emphasize a beautiful neck, it will look better with heels;
  • extended from below will highlight the waist;
  • a straight coat knee-deep, a couple of sizes more suitable for any figure;
  • long should be chosen by tall girls.

How to choose shoes and accessories

The first accessory to the coat is a scarf - a scarf of absolutely any shade and print is suitable for white. Tie it beautifully, you will be warm and comfortable. In the autumn version of the jewelry there is also a hat and gloves, pick them up for clothes or use a neutral color. A universal addition - a bag, practical or small, black or bright - it does not matter, pick a scarf for it and you will look stylish.

As for shoes, you can choose ballet shoes, but best of all - high-heeled shoes. Wear boots or boots in the fall; gray, brown and green look elegant. But even if you wear moccasins or boots at a low speed to your everyday look, it will still be stylish.

Who needs a white coat, how to avoid mistakes.

Do not think that this thing does not suit everyone, that you need to buy things in addition to it. Nothing of the kind, here's why:

  • a white coat is suitable for women of any age;
  • in this case, the white color does not fade, suitable for girls

    oh shapes, just select the style you want;
  • they can decorate the evening look, business and everyday.

If you want to emphasize the waist, choose a fitted model or use the strap. For owners of curvaceous or small stature, a coat with elongated hem is suitable. Wear heels for the best effect.

The main thing in choosing a white coat is to choose a winning option for the figure and not oversaturate the image with unnecessary accessories and bright colors. Remember that a light coat should look gentle and light in any case and in any weather.