How to wear white

For most, white is a holiday, summer, sea and Ostap Bender's phrase about Brazil, where "everyone goes in white pants." Everything is in these words: dream, magic, kindness and warmth. But some women are afraid to buy white things for everyday wear. But in vain, since white, along with black, is universal . Absolutely all shades are combined with it. However, white clothing requires a special approach. We will teach you how to combine white things, so as not to think if they are not fattening.

White and its shades

First, take a closer look at the color. “What shades of white can be?” Perfectionists are perplexed. “50 shades of gray” - this is understandable, but is white sometimes different ? It turns out, yes, it does.

This statement is easy to verify: put two white things side by side. Separately, they are perceived as equally white. But once in the neighborhood, they acquire shades. One resembles sparkling snow in daylight, the other resembles the same snow, but under electric lighting.

Of course, we are not talking about washed things. Even after washing, they have a dirty gray tint and look stale.

Reference. White palette has more shades than black.

The human eye highlights, and artists call such shades:

  • sterile, popularly called " boiling white ", there are no additional shades in it;

  • frosty or icy, with light blue ;

  • porcelain - as if glossy, slightly grayish ;

  • ivory or ivory - yellowish ;

  • milk or cream - with a barely noticeable beige hue .

Depending on the intensity of the shade, the ability to reflect, there are still such: snowy, opal, coconut, lunar, pearl, alabaster, flour, sea foam . These are all different shades of white!

So, each representative of the fair sex can choose the right one, regardless of age, complexion and color type.

How to choose your own shade

What to look for when choosing the right color? It is believed that the best is the shade in harmony with the whites of the eyes.

  • Representatives of the “ winter ” color type are suitable for fabrics with a bluish tint.
  • “Fly ” is a soft, grayish tint.
  • " Spring " is a yellowish tint.
  • " Autumn " - the darkest of all white - cream .

But this does not mean that you can not choose things that are pure, dazzling white. The main thing is to remember that it should be slightly “diluted” in the face area with a bright accent. The emphasis may be embroidery, a scarf or jewelry.

Tip. A combination with pearls and rhinestones should be avoided! This is a wedding option, it is inappropriate neither in a business suit, nor in clothes for the street.

Who can wear white clothes

There is a paradoxical opinion: saints and those who have nowhere to put up money wear white clothes. In the first case, whiteness is understood as purity, in the second - an unclean conscience. This is by the way, but in general, snow-white things are beautiful, luxurious and elegant . So if there is no fear of the prospect of "planting a speck, " then there are no restrictions other than the well-known:

  • transparent skirts and trousers are not suitable for winter;
  • you need to remember the advantages and disadvantages of the figure.

We take into account the features of the figure

Slender and graceful ladies do not need to limit themselves in the color scheme. And women of the plus size when creating a fashionable image usually avoid light colors because of the fear of appearing even more. Of course, if you do not know how to wear bright things, this will be so.

How girls with uniforms correctly include “dangerous color” in the wardrobe

  • First, avoid tight-fitting silhouette.
  • Secondly, use dark inserts on the sides, they visually reduce the silhouette.
  • Third, combine with other colors.

Tip. If you’re not sure if you can afford white things, start with small patches of white in your wardrobe, for example, shoes or accessories.

Total White: How to Look Elegant

The hit of this year was total white . Despite the brilliance of color, it is quite insidious. In order to look stylish, you need to listen to useful tips.

  • White lace is suitable for a wedding celebration. For every day, a lace may be a part.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the fabric. Only products made from natural fibers look elegant .
  • After each wear, the item must be washed.
  • Do not wear things with divorces, traces of wear. Otherwise, you will have to forget about the elegant look!

In terms of practicality, a completely white kit is not the best solution, but it’s very interesting. And yet, when creating a “total bow”, at least one object of a different color should be included . What exactly - shoes, belt, bag, necklace or glasses - to decide depending on the circumstances.

Learning to combine white

“Universal color” - this phrase says it all: the compatibility of white is limitless. Perhaps, only in one case can we talk about the lack of harmony: it is better not to combine some shades of white in one image . With all other colors you can safely combine. For a casual look, they usually choose one white object, and the rest set the general tone .

Advice! For cold shades of white, it is advisable to select accessories in cold colors and vice versa.

What color can be combined

Each combination has its own mood.

  • With black or red, a spectacular image is created, a little tough, but always memorable.

  • With gray, blue, brown it looks elegant and strict.

  • White with pale pink gives playfulness and childishness.

  • With blue or green brings peace.

  • With yellow and orange gives joy and a little sun, even on a cloudy day.

Examples of successful images

The combination with black is an integral part of the business style. In the ensemble of a white blouse with black trousers, you can appear in the office in the morning, attend business negotiations during the day, and attend an evening reception. For this event, the daily impeccability can be “diluted” with a bright accessory that gives femininity and playfulness. It can be a brooch, a necklace, a scarf with frills. The image will soften, it will not be so solemn if you replace the blouse with a cream one.

A wide dark belt on a white dress attracts attention to the waist. This simple technique creates the effect of a thin waist, even if in life this is not entirely true.

No wonder beachwear is sewn from bleached natural fabrics: they emphasize a beautiful tan .

At a summer party, it’s also appropriate to boast of an even tan that looks most spectacular with a cream-colored dress.

Looks "richly" outfits in ethnic style. Not only natural linen or silk works for “wealth”, but also details that add national flavor.

By the way, this particular feature of white - to symbolize luxury - is used even in sports fashion.

For aristocratic, that is, expensive, sports are still creating white costumes.