How to wear a waist bag

The waist bag in the distant 90s of the last century was called a "shopping bag." In those days, every seller trading in the bazaar had one on his belt to put money into it. Today it is already far from the unpresentable appearance that was at the end of the last century.

The belt accessory is a stylish and fashionable solution for any everyday look. Many fashionistas dream of having such a model in their wardrobe. In addition, it is a very convenient toilet item, since it does not take up much space and helps to always keep the most necessary with you.

Popular Waist Bag Usage Options

The women's belt bag, topical in the last century, today regained its popularity and became a real trend of the season. Now it is used not only in women's, but also in men's and even children's looks. Many ladies dream of getting her in their collection.

A bag of a similar model can be worn in different ways, using several options.

  • On the belt . The classic version, convenient and practical. Frees your hands and allows you to always control valuable things.
  • On the hip . Some models offer the possibility of fastening on the hip. This is a less convenient option, but also quite practical, as the hands are completely free.
  • On the chest . The trend of this season has become a bag, casually thrown over one shoulder.
  • Instead of a belt . The product can perfectly replace a belt, become a bright accent on a dress-shirt or a loose cardigan.

Important! To maintain a casual or evening look, neutral-colored bags are the best choice. If a woman wants to make a bright accent and mark the waist line, bright colors are chosen.

How to wear a waist bag in summer and winter

The waist bag is considered a truly universal accessory. It can be worn in winter and summer, with different outfits. It fits most styles of clothing and gets along well with a variety of fashionable wardrobe items. Judging by the photo, many filmmakers give preference to this particular model for passage along the red carpet.

In the summer, it can become an addition to almost any chosen image . Stylists advise complementing such sets with everyday sets, conditionally business bows and sports style. It can be thrown over the shoulder, worn in the classic version at the waist or hips, and also replaced with its belt in trousers. All options will be appropriate in any environment.

In winter, a waist bag also looks good with everyday looks . It can be worn over a jacket, coat, parka or raincoat . In addition, the accessory can be worn under outer clothing if it remains wide open . With short leather jackets it is better to choose the option of wearing on the shoulder.

How to wear a waist bag

Modern designers suggest using this model in various styles. And the images presented by them, indeed, resonate in the hearts of fashionistas and women of fashion. This is a good and stylish accessory that has many advantages for everyday look.

You can wear such a model with clothes of different styles.

  • Classic look. To create a discreet, concise, but at the same time very special and attractive bow, products made of suede or small leather and a classic cut are suitable.
  • Sports set. For combination with sportswear, textile models or products from soft, loose leather of an informal cut are suitable. They can be worn on the belt or over the shoulder, the main thing is that the person is comfortable with such an accessory.
  • Glamorous style . In this option, you need to stand out from the crowd, but do not overdo it. It is important to know the measure and use the classical techniques of composing a harmonious bow .
  • Boho style. This style looks the most harmonious with the addition of a waist bag . As a rule, these are models made of leather or suede, decorated with various decorative elements in the form of beads, beads, embroidery or applique.

Important! When drawing up a combination, it is important to observe the measure in everything. If the image already has a bright accent, you should choose a product of neutral shades.

This combination will emphasize the beauty and sense of style.

Fashionable modern fashion designers are working tirelessly to create a wide variety of models and complete sets of waist bags. This thing has become a trend and has maintained its position for more than 5 years. On the fashionable stage, the most incredible options for such bags are increasingly found. They combine very well with different styles of clothing, competently complementing and harmoniously emphasizing important points.