How to wear a tutu skirt

A skirt-tutu allows you to create an unusually delicate, airy and very feminine image. Typically, these products are made in cream, pastel or classic black colors. Any girl will look like a fragile flower in a similar outfit. The main thing is to choose the right combinations so that the set is fresh and airy.

Nuances of combinations with a tutu skirt

Despite its large volumes, this model is perfect for girls with different types of figures. The main thing is to correctly and competently combine it with other wardrobe items and shoes:

  • for slender and slender girls, the tutu will become a godsend, it will visually add volume to the hips and slim legs;
  • for women with magnificent forms, the skirt will allow you to hide some flaws in the figure (you should choose less voluminous models of medium length and dark shades);
  • little girls will become real princesses in a tutu skirt (this style is suitable for everyday looks in a garden or school, and for children's parties).

Important! Properly selected combinations with shoes and other wardrobe items will allow you to create a unique light and airy bow. Passers-by will turn around after the girl.

How to wear a tutu skirt

This wardrobe item always looks shocking and attracts the views of others. To emphasize individuality in everyday outfits, you can choose models of calm shades that are not too lush and combine them with thin t-shirts or T-shirts, preferably monophonic.

A cotton top, a guipure jacket or a tight-fitting T-shirt will be a wonderful combination to a tulle skirt or mesh. In the cold season, the image is complemented with a leather or denim jacket. As shoes, choose stylish and comfortable shoes with heels, ballet shoes or sandals. In autumn and winter, you can wear high over the knee boots or fashionable ankle boots.

Important! To create a shocking and slightly aggressive set, boots with lacing and tractor soles in the military style are suitable.

A skirt-tutu allows you to create unique images for every day. Combining a not too lush model with a dark top and classic "boats" can be sent in such an outfit for a walk or a bachelorette party, and by adding red shoes, a handbag and bright lipstick, the bow becomes bold and is suitable for evening out.

Fashionable images with a tutu skirt

With such clothes, you can endlessly create feminine images for different occasions:

  • romantic (pink or cream skirt in combination with a white tight-fitting pullover and classic beige “boats”, nothing more, you can add discreet beads from jewelry);
  • casual (a white tulle model, a light blue blouse and cream high-heeled shoes combined with a clutch bag matching the shoes, a stylish and simple bow for a relaxed holiday, shopping or gatherings with friends in a cafe);
  • bright (a purple skirt below the knee, matching the shoes with a tall thin “hairpin” and a white blouse of a simple cut, a bold and unusual image that will not leave anyone indifferent);
  • evening (a black model below the knee, a black turtleneck, large accessories and stylish ankle boots, a predatory and incredibly feminine image that will make men wrap in admiration after).

The right combination with a tutu skirt allows you to achieve incredible looks. They are very feminine and airy, make any girl easy and attractive.