How to wear a turtleneck dress

Imagine a turtleneck - a tight jacket with long sleeves and a high collar. And then add her length. This is how the simplest model of a turtleneck dress looks like. Stylish and comfortable clothing, suitable for both daily wear and for special occasions.

Different models of turtleneck dresses according to length

There are 3 main options :

  1. Mini. Short clothes to the middle of the thigh, tight-fitting figure like a glove, look very provocative. On the one hand, they completely cover the shoulders, neck, arms. On the other hand, they demonstrate each bend of the body and open their eyes to the legs. This combination excites even the most frank neckline. That is why short models of this type are not recommended to be worn for work or study. Another thing is a date, a party, a holiday. The “mini” model is best combined with long boots up to the knee and above. Another option: high heel shoes in combination with golf or stockings. Upstairs you can wear a coat, cloak or cardigan if the weather requires it. The main thing is that the outer clothing is longer than the dress;

  2. Midi. Models of this length are somewhat diverse. There are loose or even baggy large-knit things with an open neck and shoulders. Usually turtlenecks to the knee look pretty strict, although they, of course, are also able to emphasize the dignity of the figure. Depending on the selection of accessories, such a model can be perceived as a business everyday thing or as a holiday outfit. It is recommended to wear it with ankle boots, shoes or flat shoes. Long clothes are suitable as outerwear: a coat, jacket or cloak on the floor;

  3. Maxi. Very often, models of this length have a notch on the hem on the side or back. This is due to pragmatic considerations: to make it easier to walk. There are also outfits without a cut, they are sometimes shown by actresses, singers, secular divas. It looks very impressive. However, if your movements during the day are not limited to going from a car to a table in a restaurant, it is better to give preference to a more practical option. Bright accessories will make an image based on a maxi dress smart and catchy. A more restrained approach is suitable for creating an outfit for every day. Shoes that leave ankles open: a ballerina, jacket or short jacket will complement the look well.

Important ! The choice of a specific model is greatly influenced by the particular appearance of the woman. Long beautiful legs are best emphasized by things “mini”. The average length is ideal for a girl with a figure resembling an hourglass. "Masks" will perfectly demonstrate the dignity of the slender representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

What to wear with a turtleneck dress?

The most common accessories that complement the image of a woman in a tight-fitting dress are :

  • Scarves Most often - voluminous and bright;

  • Belt. A bright contrast belt is an additional way to emphasize the beauty of the figure, to highlight the waist line. Especially often belts are used together with the Midi style;

  • Hat. A good way to add elegance to your appearance is to put on a hat with brim to a turtleneck dress;

  • Pendant. A large pendant on a long chain over the throat closed with a collar looks very sensual and expressive.

You can pick up something of your own, original, unusual, having studied several photos of images. This outfit is remarkable precisely because it can be used to collect a variety of images. It resembles a canvas on which a master can draw any masterpiece.

Spectacular looks with a turtleneck dress

As an example of successful, impressive images based on this kind of clothing, we can name:

  • Little black dress. They say that in the wardrobe of every woman should be like that. Modest and discreet, at first glance, but maximally emphasizing the dignity of the figure. A short turtleneck dress is perfect for this role. It should be worn with small silver jewelry, a small handbag, manicure, nylon tights or stockings, heels. This is a ceremonial image of a self-confident girl who knows for sure that she is irresistible;

  • Elegance and convenience. A loose knitted item of beige, plum, dark green to the knee or lower is a fashionable trend this season. Which will allow you not only to look stylish, but also to feel completely relaxed. This is the case when beauty does not require special sacrifices. It is recommended to wear it with a low heel, a minimum of accessories.

Important ! To tie such an outfit yourself is a great idea! After all, this will allow you to get a truly unique, original thing that no one else has.

These and many other images can be embodied on the basis of a simple turtleneck dress. Such a winning thing in every way is useful in every wardrobe.