How to wear translucent things and not highlight anything?

Translucent things are constantly appearing in new fashion collections. The attitude towards them is now much more loyal than, for example, thirty years ago. Nevertheless, few decide to put them on, and the point is not only shyness - they need to be able to wear.

The framework of decency: the rules for creating an image with things that shine through

If you are not a pop star, but a transparent outfit is not part of your stage costume, the purpose of which is to shock others:

  • think carefully whether you should wear such clothes. It will not hide, but only emphasize all the flaws, if your figure is far from perfect or, for example, your skin is sagging due to age-related changes;
  • even with the most impeccable forms, do not strip many areas at once . Revealing the secrets of your body, you should give room for imagination to the one for whom you put it on. In addition, you will shock people around you: not every society welcomes such bold experiments. And choose one thing: a transparent top or bottom ;
  • it is better if the translucent clothes are not too bright, catchy, otherwise you will attract too much attention;
  • learn to choose the "right" underwear ;
  • Create multi-layer kits.

What clothes to wear with them?

It all depends on the type of translucent thing.

Under a chiffon blouse or shirt, it is most appropriate to wear a shirt of the same color on thin straps or a top. The lining material should be sufficient, but not too dense, in texture to be combined with the top. If you decide to put on a bra, choose not “the line and the line”, but the models that fit and emphasize the silhouette: closed cups, wide straps. No lace, bows - there will be a bust with accents. In terms of color, there are two win-win options: either in the tone of the outfit, or bodily, matching the skin tone.

For a dress with a neckline draped in mesh, purchase a special bra extension. It will allow you to hide the hated strip that crosses the translucent neckline and spoils the view.

For a neckline on the chest, bra designs are suitable:

  • with low cup fastening due to a wide belt with a front notch;
  • with a barely visible silicone strap connecting the cups.

A transparent bottom in the form of a skirt or trousers is recommended to be worn only by very slender girls with smooth tightened skin without fatty deposits. Can be combined with leggings, short shorts or matching high-rise panties that completely cover the buttocks.

Tricks that can be used in ensembles

  1. Ladies with curvaceous forms should be limited to transparent inserts that open the neckline or part of the back. You can bare your legs below the knee if in these places they are even and slender, which is possible even with a wide waist and hips.
  2. Under an opaque buttoned vest or jacket, a translucent blouse will look quite decent even in the office.
  3. Several layers of light clothing look good. The upper transparent layer is preferable to choose from not very wrinkled fabric to avoid the effect of sloppy.

Important! Pay attention to the quality of materials - they must be natural, breathable so that you feel comfortable and do not harm your own health.

How to choose a cover, petticoat and other similar items?

Transparent skirts will be good with a petticoat on any figure , and dresses with a cover . A petticoat is the best option, suitable for a translucent skirt, hiding all the flaws of the body. It does not expose the unnecessary and will look decent even in an office suite.

For a direct model of guipure or lace, the petticoat is relied upon without fail . If the figure allows, its length can be much shorter than the skirt itself, but must cover the space from the waist to the hips. A lush or flowing model of chiffon or organza, his company also does not hurt.

A cover for a transparent dress is better fitted, but not tight - this will add femininity to the image. You can not cover their hands, lower legs, but the body (chest, abdomen and hips) is better to cover.

Fashion Trends This Season

In the spring-summer of 2019 , trendy complex combinations of clothes of different styles, reflecting all aspects of the life of those who wear them . For example, a light long translucent sundress, worn on top and bicycles, is suitable for romantic girls who are fond of fitness.

Karl Lagerfeld in the new Fendi collection set the fashion for transparent vinyl raincoats, trousers, skirts over light summer clothes. They do not hide the bottom layer of the outfit, protect from rain and wind, look interesting. Complete with them are demonstrated bags, shoes, umbrellas and other elements of the image made of transparent vinyl.

The grid is especially popular in clothes (kapron, knitted, leather). Dresses, tops, and skirts from it are combined with a different basis: underwear, short shorts, trousers, dresses, flesh-colored covers without a pattern. A stylish bag and addition to this image will be a string bag.

In the trend, multilayer clothing from batista, lace, tulle and the like. They are combined in different ways with each other, decorated with inserts and various details covering the intimate parts of the body. Designers experiment with color, length, use asymmetric cut and decor.

Stylist tips for fashionistas

  1. When buying a translucent thing, you must have a clear idea of ​​where you put it on. For a business style, blouses and shirts, covered from above with a denser top in the form of an office suit, will be appropriate.
  2. For a special occasion, you can buy a light guipure set - a dress or a suit, but always with an opaque, for example, satin-tone lining.
  3. At the festival, appear in a spectacular evening dress with inserts of mesh or lace. Bare the “right” places, leaving everything hidden hidden from prying eyes.

Distract some of the attention from the "nudity":

  • jewelry - large earrings, bracelet. The main thing is that it is not located in an open intimate place;
  • a stylish handbag or clutch bag with an original design;
  • shoes. Put on high heel shoes - this will draw your eyes to your feet (if there is a transparent top, but not the bottom).

Examples of images with transparent clothing

  1. A plain shirt made of chiffon or mesh with a tight collar and patch pockets at the chest level, the same color, cropped loose trousers and light sandals with lacing on thick soles are suitable for walking.
  2. Top and shorts with a transparent tunic of beige or turquoise hue, decorated sandals - all this will make a wonderful beach set.
  3. A fitted flesh-colored mini-dress, an elongated mesh dress with a second layer and ballet flats will look quite romantic.
  4. Tight-fitting denim pants with a high rise, a plain top and a macrame-woven blouse slightly falling from the shoulders will look elegant and sexy at the same time.

If you adhere to the basic rules of wearing translucent things, you can create images in which you will always look stylish, attractive and desirable. Otherwise, it is easy to slide into a defiant or even vulgar appearance that scares away not only strangers, but also close friends and acquaintances.