How to wear tractor-soled boots

Tractor-soled boots became popular last season. Such shoes were loved by many fashionistas who love beautiful shoes with heels, but also do not want to give up comfort. What is their peculiarity and how to combine such models with clothes?

Tractor-soled boots

Models with tractor soles are famous for their versatility. These boots look stylish and go with most of the wardrobe.


The main feature of this model is the tractor sole. It is quite massive and voluminous. Due to which the image is given brutality and style. Despite the fact that the style is rather rough, boots with a tractor sole in combination with an elegant dress make the image feminine and sophisticated.

In addition to their unique appearance, boots and boots are famous for their practicality and convenience. The heel is very stable and comfortable. Therefore, they can be worn in rainy weather and dirt. Tractor-soled boots will be appropriate both at the office and at a party or birthday.

Who is suitable, not suitable

There are no particular restrictions on the choice of such shoes. She can be chosen by thin girls and ladies with curvaceous shapes. The main thing is to choose the right model.

However, despite the fact that such shoes are very practical and comfortable, they are not suitable for business style. If you have a hard dress code at work, then it is better to abandon shoes and boots with such a sole, and give preference to the classic options for shoes.

Models with tractor soles are not suitable for girls with thin thin legs, since the legs look bulky voluminous. In other cases, girls can safely give preference to boots with a voluminous platform.

Remember! Tractor-soled boots should be chosen for girls of small stature, they will visually lengthen the silhouette, and make it elegant.

How to wear, with what

These shoes are suitable for girls of all ages. Despite the fact that many consider the tractor sole more youthful. Interesting models of boots can also be selected for older girls. It is only necessary to combine them correctly with clothing.

With outerwear

Tractor-soled shoes work well with coats, jackets and raincoats. In addition, they can be worn with a fur coat or fur vest. When choosing long models of boots, do not wear long outer clothing. Prefer jackets and fur coats to the lower back or just below the buttocks.

Pants, jeans

For winter and autumn tractor shoes, skinny jeans and trousers are suitable. Best if they are dark in color. To make the silhouette elegant and stylish, put on a voluminous sweater or blouse on top. Knitted sweaters look good in combination with leather jackets.

Skirts and dresses

Boots with a corrugated sole go well with skirts and dresses. Clothing can be straight or trapezoidal cut. This option is better for girls with a good figure. Plump girls should avoid such images, as they make the silhouette bulky and heavy.

In the autumn and winter season, models with a corrugated sole look beautiful with knitted dresses or tunics. If the boots are long, then choose clothes up to the knee or higher to make the silhouette graceful.

Fashionable examples

Today the following models of tractor shoes are most popular:

  • High-top models are considered the trend of the season. In appearance, they resemble boots, however, they look more voluminous. They can be safely worn with a skirt, dress or jeans.
  • Stocking boots. Look elegant with a skirt or shorts. Visually lengthen the legs and make them slim.
  • Shortened options. The main advantage of such models is convenience. With long walking, the legs in such shoes do not get tired. They are worn under a casual look with jeans, pants, leggings or light dresses.
  • Winter models. Discreet, classic tractor-soled boots with insulation are a hit this winter. They can be worn under a fur coat or down jacket. A small handbag and a voluminous scarf will decorate the image.

Knee-high boots are renowned for their practicality and versatility. They can be worn under jeans or a dress. Combine with a fur coat or jacket. Models are made of suede, leather or varnish. What product the fashionista will have depends on taste preferences!