How to wear a tie clip with a chain?

The clip is a stylish and original, purely male accessory. Over the course of two centuries, it has either come into fashion or has been declared archaism. Regardless of his trend status, he is always an elegant addition to a classic costume. Its main function over time remains unchanged: at all times it holds the tie in place . About why you need it in a men's wardrobe, and how to wear it, read on.

Rules for adding a tie with a chain and a clip to the image

In addition to the fact that the clip looks great and distinguishes its owner from the crowd, it was created not only for beauty. Keeping the tie in place when the wind or tilting, to prevent ridiculous situations such as twisting the accessory or accidentally dipping into a cup of coffee - these are the main functions that it performs.

But you need to add it to the image with caution: instead of gaining charm and charisma, there is a great risk to stand out from the crowd by the inappropriateness of using an accessory . Try to remember and follow simple rules:

  • add a clip only to the look with a classic suit and chemise. With any other clothes, it looks ridiculous and old-fashioned;
  • choose together with it cufflinks that should be made of one material and in one style solution;
  • its length should be equal to the width of the tie in its middle part or be shorter by ¼;
  • use the accessory only in combination with a plain or fine-knitted fabric in light, calm tones.

What is this clamp for?

He fixes the tie to the shirt, closing at the same time a number of buttons that, when moving the accessory, do not look very respectable . When it is added to the shirt, nothing twists, does not jump out from under the buttoned jacket, does not flutter in the wind, does not fall on a plate of food.

The latch may be in the form of a clip or clothespin . The clip connects the edge of the strap of the shirt and tie with two smooth sides. The clothespin has cloves that more securely fix the edges of the fabric. Smooth clips are well suited for narrow accessories made of thin material, and crocodiles perfectly attach classic and wide models of ties.

Important! For additional fixation, clamps with a chain are used, which has a metal loop at the end. They are worn a little differently. This mount is used with a clothespin design.

How to wear it?

The loop is put on a button just above the place of attachment of the accessory. It must remain invisible to others . The holder fastens the fabric of the upper and lower edges of the tie without touching the shirt. Fixing the accessory to the shirt is carried out by a chain with a ring on the end.

It’s not enough to know how to wear it. The important question is where to place the clip. The nuances of wearing an accessory are the correct determination of the mounting location. The reference point for the ideal place should be the third and fourth buttons of the shirt . It is between them that the clothespin should be fixed, and the ring must be attached to the upper, third button.

Important! First, the buttonhole is put on the button, then the shirt is fastened, but the button with the ring remains free for the time being. A tie is put on next, a clip is placed on it. Only then is the button fastened.

Secrets of the right image with a tie and a clip on a chain

After you put on a shirt, tighten your tie, fasten a fashion accessory, look in the mirror and determine how perfectly the clothespin is in relation to the floor. The clip is worn in two positions:

  • strictly perpendicular to the vertical axis of the tie and parallel to the horizontal surface;
  • at an angle of 45 °, directing the free end down.

The main function of the clamp is holding, and with all the elegance and originality, do not show it too much . Get clips that are in harmony with other accessories: watches, belt buckles, chains. If your watch is in a silver case, then the gold holder will not look harmonious in the image.

Under the expensive elegant suit and retainer you need the appropriate one . A simple everyday couple, even if of a classic cut, will look ridiculous with a gold accessory inlaid with stones. Avoid too massive accessories, as well as colorful, multi-colored holders. Follow the measure, and the style will always be your companion.