How to wear thick heeled ankle boots

Ankle boots went through a huge number of transformations in the history of their existence. Only the height of the shaft remained unchanged. What styles did not create the imagination of designers! There is on a wide straight wedge, with a sharp cape, with a heel “shot glass”, on the tread, on the heels, on the zippers and so on. Recommendations and photos will help to understand this variety of models.

Ankle boots with thick heels: features and varieties

The undisputed leader is a style with a high straight heel. Of all the models that have been on sale for the last couple of years, this is the most creative. Especially when framed in a futuristic style. Not only the main lightning is used. But also short decorative. They are sewn onto the product on the side in two or three parallel rows. Cape or, conversely, the back is decorated with metal spikes and rivets. The sock can also be “wrapped” with a thin metal layer. Fittings of silver color and different shades of gilding look equally impressive. If you add a grooved heel, such beauty will take your breath away!

Presentable, of course, look products from natural expensive fabric, suede, velor and leather (especially reptiles). But "eco" - options may not be inferior to them. For example, a special kind of plastic. If made with high quality and professional. Well, of course, when a thing is sewn from a solid dense synthetic leather. Cheap “oilcloth” or fake suede is terrible.

Important! When shopping, you need to be extremely careful. After all, it will be a shame to purchase a “suede” shoe, to which every light fluff-fluff sticks. After a few hours, a peculiar chemical amber will appear. And, after a few days, the “delight” from the acquisition will reach its climax! Cracks in the most visible place - above the foot. Such a defect cannot be repaired. "Deception" is sent to the garbage chute.

Black and brown styles are considered classic. No decorative frills. But patent leather is already an application for chic. It doesn't matter if it's a dull toe or sharp.

Recently, laced metallic models appeared on the shoe market. Especially good if the skin is varnished. This know-how is combined with any outfit.

Another novelty: open-toed boots for dry weather. Incredibly original notion of stylists.

How to wear thick heeled ankle boots

When we deal with such a heel, a visual picture of images in the Gothic or Punk styles arises in the imagination. Just made for informals. Unconventional bold combinations, seemingly incongruous, will emphasize your personality. Rough boots can be beaten. A lush fluffy skirt and a short dark leather - this is it, a state of passion. If the lace turns out to be pale pink or light lemon, it will be impossible to take your eyes off you. The outfit will definitely be remembered. Tenderness and rudeness in one bottle.

Attention! Platforms and protectors are associated with freedom of opinion. But not with a business spirit. In the office they would look like strangers. Obviously not an addition to a business suit.

Those who have thin legs and short stature should not wear massive shoes. It may look ridiculous. For low-necked little ones, light boots with lacing are the most ideal option. They visually slim legs and make them longer. Strong decoration of ankle boots implies a high growth of their future owners. Attracting glances, he seemed to conceal the already not very large growth.

The question “What to wear?” Implies dozens of answers. It is necessary to consider each combination separately. It must also correspond to age, complexion, type of appearance, personality and taste preferences. The ability to combine is a whole art. And competent fusion is the pinnacle of this great skill. If it is not gifted by nature, he must learn for years. It’s good that there’s always someone with a good taste around us. Consulting on such issues is not at all a shame. Rather commendable.

Create fancy looks with thick heeled ankle boots

In addition to long hippie skirts and sundresses, denim jackets to the waist are suitable for the subject of discussion. Romance should be emphasized with fabric backpacks of ethnic colors on the straps tied in a knot. Headbands to match the tone will do. And neckerchiefs. Alternative: ripped blue jeans with dark shoes, leather. And a bright bandana on his head or arm. Reds in white and black patterns are especially expressive. Brown ankle boots will complement the wide cotton panties in shades of "safari" or tight-fitting trousers. As well as dark blue skinny jeans, artificially aged. Above are suede jackets of a brown-olive gamut. Redheads will do too. A small hat and suede gloves will be a spectacular addition.

It will attract attention and collect many compliments with another contrasting bow. Bright check long sleeve midi dress. Material - thick cotton. Fitted, on a figure. Without a belt, scarves and other excesses. Ankle boots on the platform. Supplement: A small leather backpack. Or vests.

Important! Tight fit only for ladies with a slim figure. Ladies with curvaceous forms should not wear such outfits. Better something airy, free, with a neckline. And below - denim jeans. No stretch. Not leggings and leggings.

Footwear on a tractor wedge attracts attention. Especially bright:

  • maroon;
  • redhead;
  • red;
  • dark sand;
  • yellow;
  • bright blue;
  • emerald;
  • Violet
  • lilac and in the same vein.

Accordingly, it is not necessary to wear a coat or cloak of the same color. They can be neutral pastel colors. Enough accessory to match. Let's say frames with s / z points. Scarf Handbags. Even such trifles as a watch bracelet or earrings.

Straight cashmere or draped coats and a short coat are perfect for images with a plaid dress.

And mini dresses made of thick knitwear can serve as a fashionable image. But here you have to be careful.

Attention! Material containing spandex, lycra, in general, stretch, should not look cheap. Knitwear all the more. If a thing shines through or emphasizes your roundness due to the fine structure, it is better to refuse it. Do not use a “little black dress” in this bow if you doubt your taste. Incorrectly selected fabric will spoil any of the most wonderful way out.

Two types of concepts suitable for one style should not be confused. A wedge is a combination of the sole with a heel and a narrowed cape. And the platform is flat along its entire length. No bends.

And, finally, the main plus of the trend under discussion: nothing more successful has been invented for visual lengthening of the legs. Except for boots. But after all, they are on heels and platforms.