How to wear a sweater with a dress?

The trend of the latest fashion seasons has become multilayer combinations. Designers offer not to give up stylish women's dresses in the winter, but to warm themselves with a sweater, creating an unusual, but very attractive everyday look. Even summer dresses and sundresses can perfectly combine with voluminous oversize models.

Rules for combining sweaters with a dress

In fact, there are no clear criteria for choosing a particular sweater. Each girl has several favorite and cozy models in her wardrobe. They need to be put together and tried on in turn. The right combination will help to choose intuition and your own sense of style. During the fitting, pay attention to the following details:

  1. neck shape. The high collar of the dress involves the use of the upper part of the outfit with a cut in the shape of a semicircle or triangle, a low neck or neckline will be perfectly draped with a wide neck of a turtleneck ;
  2. roughly connected models (they look great in winter in combination with models of short-sleeved dresses with a classic simple cut);
  3. color gamut (here the girl’s imagination can unfold to the full, the choice depends only on the taste preferences of the hostess of the fashionable wardrobe).

Important! Stylists advise to choose either monophonic things in monochrome, or contrasting ones that will effectively emphasize the layering of the bow. When choosing a dress with a complex print, the pullover is selected in accordance with the main color of the picture.

What sweater models can be added to dresses?

Almost any model of sweaters can be used in combination with various styles of feminine outfits. Popular are considered styles in the style of oversize, casual or classic voluminous knit sweaters . They perfectly complement dresses of any cut and model.

Short tops, turtlenecks or pullovers go well with tight-fitting dresses with short sleeves and a v-neck. They help to effectively complement the set, giving it a special charm and at the same time make the image much more comfortable and warmer.

How to combine with a bulky sweater?

Viewing fashion shows that use similar multilayer combinations to represent models for the winter shows that these are good looks for everyday wear. In this outfit, the girl feels feminine and attractive, but does not sacrifice her health, freezing in subtle, off-season things.

Designers recommend the most winning combinations with voluminous sweaters:

  • a green dress below the knee with a pleated skirt and a red rude sweater will create a wonderful contrast and refresh the winter look;
  • classic black straight cut is ideally complemented by a white shortened or, on the contrary, elongated sweater, a good accent will be a belt on the waist directly on the jumper;
  • a romantic model with floral patterns is perfectly combined with a deep blue cardigan;
  • a bell-shaped dress in discreet shades goes well with a voluminous black sweater; a bright strap is often used to create accents;
  • A cute, tight knee-length model is wonderfully complemented by a large-volume bulky sweater, slightly shortened.

Important! You should choose those models that can emphasize the dignified figures and carefully hide the flaws. Such a multi-layered image suits girls with any type of figure.

Top 6 looks on how to wear a dress with a sweater

Fashion designers do not get tired of coming up with new and unexpected combinations of jumpers and dresses. One of the most winning looks is a summer lightweight model just below the knee with a full skirt and a classic cardigan in burgundy shades with muted tones. The combination is very noble and elegant, especially complemented by classic "boats" on a high "hairpin".

  1. The long floor model, where the skirt is decorated with ruffles, in combination with a casual casual sweater will become an original and unbroken solution for everyday look. The waist line can be emphasized with a contrasting belt, choosing neutral shades of things.
  2. An elongated shirt blends wonderfully with cropped crew-neck pullovers. Youth and freedom-loving set allows you to feel comfortable and attractive in the eyes of passers-by.
  3. The fitted model with a volume knit sweater and stylish wedge ankle boots will help to create a unique business set. If the company where the girl works does not have a strict dress code, such an outfit will undoubtedly become a hit.
  4. A summer turtleneck model is a great option for a comfortable and stylish look for every day. In this vein, you can create business sets or come up with an image in casual style for relaxing with friends or meeting your loved one .
  5. A light cream-colored summer dress made of chiffon will look original with a rough knit cardigan. To soften the image, a wide strap is suitable, which stylists advise to fasten along the waistline.
  6. A sweater with dresses of various styles is considered very risky, but at the same time it suits almost all girls with different types of figures. Layering gives mystery and unique appeal to everyday bow.