How to wear a sundress on thin straps and look decent

A dress or flowing sundress with thin straps is always so feminine and sexy! In summer, this is the optimal clothing, which, given the many models, allows you to always look interesting and varied. But is an open sundress always appropriate? No doubt, yes, if the lady knows how to wear it correctly. If the fair sex succeeds in not falling into the three “traps”, they will always look decent and feel comfortable in an open sundress. Women have to choose the most suitable three times: a sundress model, lingerie, a combination.

Which model to choose

Women, of course, understand that any clothes should be chosen, taking into account the peculiarities of the figure. And open clothing, for sure, is no exception.

  • Girls with small and neat breasts can very well afford styles on spaghetti straps.

  • But the owners of a large breast in such models will look just ridiculous. They should choose dresses on wide straps .

  • If the girl’s figure is characterized by too broad shoulders, you need to forget about the straps placed at a considerable distance. In such a situation, such a variation as a shoulder strap is suitable .

  • Owners of the pear-shaped figure should give preference to straps decorated with ruffles or flounces . They can also opt for a one-shoulder asymmetrical strap.

Important! Sundresses on the straps do not fit too thin (people say - "skinny") young ladies and, conversely, too full. But if you really want to, then you can find a way out of the situation by closing your arms and shoulders with a bolero.

How to choose linen

Many women know how difficult it is to choose the right underwear for such a model. Indeed, in order to look decent, those around must see only a sundress, and not underneath. Therefore, under such an outfit, you can not wear any bra.

Important! Only rare women can afford to completely abandon a bra. To exercise this right, it is necessary to have a small breast of perfect shape.

Everyone else (alas and ah!) Must learn to skillfully select this part of the toilet.

Bra requirement

  • A special bra is needed here - without straps . Otherwise, decency should be forgotten.

  • Summer dresses are usually sewn from light transparent fabrics. Underwear for such dresses should choose a seamless, devoid of an abundance of openwork ruffles . The only function that a bra should do just fine is to support the chest strenuously.
  • For a small breast, you can choose a silicone product.

Reference! Under the dress, the silicone model is completely invisible, and the lock is usually located in front for added convenience.

  • Ladies with large breasts, for obvious reasons, can not afford such a toilet. For them, textile linen, in shape resembling a corset, is most suitable.

How to wear a sundress on thin straps

The combination of a variety of wardrobe items depends on the chosen style and the situation in which to appear.

Casual look

In the summer heat, such a dress will look great as an independent element of the outfit.

But to look more stylish, you can combine it with a T-shirt .

Advice ! Such a model in calm colors with a plain t-shirt can be worn even in the office.

  • It is important for girls who choose an ultrashort model to combine it correctly with other things. In itself, such a product can look flashy and defiant. For a combination, things (t-shirt, bolero, small jacket) of neutral colors are suitable, otherwise there is a risk of looking too vulgar.

  • In cool weather, you can choose a fitted jacket or a light sliding stole to a long sundress .

Important! For an everyday look, you should not load yourself with massive shoes or heeled sandals, enough flat ballet shoes or slippers.

Evening out

Perhaps you can not argue with the fact that the dress on the floor on the straps is a classic evening outfit. If we talk about shades - it is always elegant black, noble blue, sophisticated beige. Very carefully choose fabrics with a metallic sheen.

To complete the image, you can choose a lace bolero or fur cape . Heel should be high! This is not necessarily a hairpin, but certainly not a platform.

Important! Today, at the peak of popularity are combination dresses. This style is suitable only for thin young ladies or girls with perfectly rounded shapes. If you are not confident in your figure, it is best to abandon the model presented.

Decoration deserves special attention. There should not be too many of them. It can be massive earrings and nothing more. And if you want to decorate your neck with a chain or necklace, then the earrings should be small.

As you can see, it’s not so difficult to look decent in a sundress on thin straps. Think over your image, choose combinations and enjoy the admiring glances of others.