How to wear a sun skirt

It is often repeated that everything new is well forgotten old. Decades after the last peak of its popularity, the sun skirt reappears in the wardrobe of modern fashionistas. And this is no accident, because she looks very feminine and at the same time incredibly impressive.

For many girls, the style of this skirt is presented in only one version: a short length to the knees, as it is also called, is mini. In fact, the length of the product can be not only mini, but also midi, below the knee and maxi to the floor.

A skirt-sun requires the right combinations. We’ll tell you what to wear with it to look fashionable and attractive.

What to wear with a skirt

Such skirts themselves are the highlight of the image. So that they solo in the bow, the top in no case should overshadow the bottom .

You must adhere to the golden rule of fashion: if the bottom of the image is wide, then the upper part must be tight . Therefore, various ruffles, frills and pleats are not suitable for such a product.

Important! Such a cut gives tall and thin girls the missing volume in the hips. And ladies with magnificent forms will help to highlight the waist and make the image more airy.

Top options for different times of the year

In spring and summer

In the summer I want to look juicy and charming. Set warm and heavy faded materials on the far shelf. For the hot season, it is better to buy a product from light fabric . She will give airiness to a walk, you will feel like a light cloud.

And in the summer, bright colors beckon: turquoise, orange, blue, blue, red.

  • For contrast, you can wear a plain shirt of the right color .
  • Light blouses, shirts or a short top will fit perfectly into the image .
  • A cardigan, a jacket or a leather jacket can be put on your shoulders.

Fall and winter

In autumn, with a skirt, the sun is worn by simple, without unnecessary details turtlenecks . The image can be complemented by an elegant decoration in the form of earrings or a bracelet.

In winter, you should take care of yourself and choose a warmer onion. Dark denim skirts blend well with warm and sweaters . They can be worn both on hiding and hiding the bottom of the sweaters under the belt of the skirt.

A warm coat or a winter jacket with fur will complement the image.

What shoes to choose for a skirt-sun

A universal option is heels . First of all, girls of short stature should remember about them. A flare “eats” centimeters of your height, and high-heeled shoes add elegance, charm and charm to a bow.

And also you can safely wear sports shoes . But everything should be in moderation. Make sure that sneakers and sneakers are feminine and harmoniously fit into the image.

In the cold season, ankle boots and high heel boots will be harmonious with a skirt of any length.

Combination options for different styles

  • For a trip to the office, a midi skirt with a classic shirt is great.
  • A shirt with an unusual collar will help to emphasize the refined taste. If a jacket is required by the dress code, you should choose a shortened model.
  • Want to emphasize your creative or rebellious nature at a party or meeting with friends, take a look at leather products. Choose deep, rich colors: marsala, emerald or brown. A turtleneck will become a companion for a classic style, a hoodie or sweatshirt combined with sneakers or loafers - for a casual style.
  • Thinking of an evening outfit? A bright top will be a great addition to a sun skirt.

A classic skirt fits well with fashion trends and perfectly manifests itself in bold experiments. Therefore, do not be afraid to fantasize, and you will be able to create attractive images.