How to wear a stole on your head with a jacket

Palatine is one of the most sought after accessory for girls. It will help to complement any image, making it more refined and elegant. The product is distinguished by its versatility: it can be thrown over your shoulders or tied as a headgear.

How to tie a stole on your head beautifully

Girls use stoles at any time of the year. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of accessories that differ in material, density, color scheme, and ornament. Having picked up a suitable product, it can be used with a coat or jacket.

Having tied a scarf on your head, you can easily replace the hat and keep warm in cool weather. Fashionistas use many methods that help to look stylish and original.


  • hood;
  • kerchief;
  • turban;
  • loose ends;
  • knot.

These options are the most popular. Girls, using their ingenuity, come up with new methods. Such a headdress does not only look stylish and elegant, but it is also truly unique.

Help ! When choosing a stole, you should rely on the outer clothing with which the product will be used.

How to wear a stole on a head with a jacket (description of methods)


This method is most appreciated by girls who like complex styling and hairstyles.

How to do:

  • To get the hood, you need to throw a stole on the neck, align the ends.
  • Gently wrap the ends around the neck and hide in the folds of the scarf. The product should sit freely, without a tight fit.
  • One of the layers easily fits over your head. This method will help to make a fashionable scarf collar out of stole.

You can do something else:

The ends do not have to be hidden to make a circle. They can be beautifully spread over the jacket, for example, on the shoulders. To do this, it is enough to throw a scarf on the head, align the ends. Leave one half, for example, on the left shoulder, and put the right edge on top. This method is particularly elegant.


It’s very easy to make a familiar scarf to everyone. Stoles are thrown over the head, the ends are wrapped around the neck and tied behind. Such a hat will reliably protect from the wind and will be able to warm, thanks to a snug fit.

Advice! The scarf can be simply tied on the back of the head without wrapping the neck. Some girls tie the product on the side.


Turban is suitable for lovers of oriental culture. In addition, it is particularly sophisticated and versatile. In cool weather, the turban will warm its mistress, in the summer it will protect it from bright sunlight.

The method is quite simple:

  • A headscarf is thrown over the head, align the ends on the back.
  • On the back of the head, ends are wrapped, wrapped around the head, wrapped in the forehead, the remaining tissue is hidden under the tourniquet.
  • As a complement, use a small brooch by attaching it to the side or front.


Palatine is a fashionable and sought-after accessory. It will perfectly replace not only a scarf, but also a hat. Using a few tricks, such a product can easily be turned into a fashionable and stylish headpiece.