How to wear stockings in winter?

Tights are in every woman’s wardrobe, but they cannot be compared with stockings by the effect of seduction. It is believed that this accessory is for demi-season and summer wardrobe, although it can be difficult to resist wearing such a seductive thing in winter . To please modern fashionistas, designers today offer beautiful and insulated options containing wool in their composition. How to wear warm accessories in winter, read on.

What stockings can be worn in winter?

In frosts of at least 10 degrees, you can afford to wear warm stockings. For the winter period there are several varieties:

  • knitted from a thick woolen thread, especially beautiful if made of openwork or large knitting;
  • polyamide, with a density of not less than “50 den” to warm your feet in cold weather;
  • Cotton stockings are pleasant to wear; they are comfortable at any time of the year;
  • consisting of cashmere and woolen fibers - perhaps the warmest.

What to wear with stockings in the cold?

It is important to choose the right size. If the knitwear is large, it will form wrinkles in the knee area, the look will be spoiled. And if they are small, then they will not stay on their feet.

Wearing warm wardrobe items involves their interaction with the skin of the legs, if you put on tights under them, they can slip. Although there is no ban here, planning to wear them on top of other things, it is advisable to select one larger . The color of the lower layer is better to choose close to beige.

If it is necessary to insulate uncovered areas, wearing special shorts is allowed. Short skirts and knitted tunics go well in winter with stockings. In these cases, a deep cleavage should be avoided, otherwise the image will be vulgar.

If a strict dress code is adopted at the office, the color is chosen to be dim. If you wear colored ones, then the jumper will suit a plain tone. When there are drawings on the feet, then on other things they should not be, otherwise the image will be overloaded. Body accessories are suitable for any clothing, black - to dark, and white - to the wedding dress. The most eye-catching stockings are with a thin vertical line, they are only for slim and long legs . And mesh options - for an evening exit.

A pencil skirt and a woolen dress will look good if you successfully choose the length of a stylish accessory. The ideal option is if the skirt ends where the stockings begin . The elastic should be closed and not protrude through the fabric. A short coat, a parka and a fur vest are perfectly complemented by warm stockings.

Stockings will be inappropriate in the following cases:

  • with lace underwear look ridiculous;
  • in winter they are not worn with sports shoes; for this, boots or half boots are better;
  • if the boots have zippers, then puffs are inevitable;
  • fur coats and sheepskin coats are not considered a good combination with stockings;
  • jacket in a sports style - not a pair of insulated accessories;
  • lace - only for thin legs, to full ladies they will add volume even more;
  • do not wear mesh varieties during the day.

Why not wear stockings in winter?

Doctors do not recommend wearing stockings in the cold season, because it is unsafe for women's health. If most of the time is spent indoors, and the road to the place of work will take place in the car, then the winter version of this wardrobe element will be quite appropriate.

When you have a long stay in the cold, it is better not to take risks, taking care of your health. It is wiser to get to the room in insulated trousers, then changing into your favorite stockings.

Exciting men's looks and making any lady sexy, stockings continue to occupy a worthy place in the women's wardrobe. At any time of the year they will find a place in a stylish manner, if the owner’s health is not damaged.