How to wear stockings?

Many women do not see anything especially in putting on stockings, because it is enough just to pull this item of clothing on your legs. But the procedure has its own nuances and if everything is done wrong, then you can easily damage the product.

Why is it necessary to wear them correctly?

Stockings are a convenient and beautiful element of the wardrobe, but not very durable. Kapron is used for the production of these products, and it easily deteriorates. On pantyhose when improperly donned, puffs and arrows often form. In order not to damage the thin nylon, you must follow a few simple rules.

Ways to Wear Stockings

There are several ways to put on stockings. In any case, it is recommended to remove all jewelry that may cause a clue . Part of the capron deteriorates due to manicure, so it is important to take care of this (cut or polish the nails).

Donning sequence:

  • First, the stocking must be pulled on the hand, and then turned inside out;
  • then the leg should be placed in the forefoot and begin to pull the product;
  • it is important to act as carefully as possible, you need to work with two hands;
  • to prevent creases, you need to carefully pull up the material during donning;
  • in such manipulations it is best to use the thumbs;
  • Further, it is required to slightly adjust the toe part so that the wearing becomes as comfortable as possible.

The second method involves assembling stockings in the palm of your hand in an accordion. Then the leg is placed in the forefoot, then the product is gradually stretched and straightened. All movements should be gentle, smooth, slow.

How to wear stockings with a belt?

The belt is able to emphasize the sexuality of the image and add confidence when wearing stockings. It is important to choose these wardrobe items correctly, they should be combined not only in design, but also in design features.

The subtleties of using a belt:

  • first put on and straighten in a convenient way stockings;
  • then you need to try on the belt, to fix it on the hips, a special fastener is provided, like a bra;
  • then the straps are adjusted, they should have the same length - slightly higher than hosiery;
  • the stocking is connected to the belt thanks to special loops, a rubber button is pushed under the capron, and a fastener is inserted into it from the back.

Interesting! A large mirror will help to fix the belt at the back.

Recommendations of stylists

The assortment of stockings is quite wide. The choice depends on personal preferences and desires. Smooth models with silicone tape are suitable for daily use.

Professionals Tips:

  • stylists do not recommend wearing stockings under short tight dresses, skirts, shorts, otherwise the image becomes vulgar;
  • for a light ensemble, tights must be matched to skin tone;
  • bodily models are suitable for light clothes, black ones for warm clothes, and white options are best left for a wedding ceremony;
  • products with drawings are suitable for thin legs, because they give extra volume;
  • owners of slender legs fit models with a vertical strip at the back.

When choosing, you need to focus on the purpose of the purchase . So simple concise options are suitable for the office. And for an evening out, you can use seductive mesh products.

How to avoid donning mistakes?

Here you need to follow a few simple rules. Before the procedure, it is recommended to moisten the legs well. For this, a special cream is used. Toenails should be polished. It is important to exclude everything for which kapron can cling . Similarly, you need to inspect the hands, remove the rings, bracelets.

To protect products from rough skin of hands, you can use special gloves from knitwear. If there is a picture on the model or a vertical seam, the procedure must be carried out in front of the mirror . Only in this way will it be possible to control the correctness of the fitting. If the seam sits unevenly, then do not try to correct the situation immediately on the leg. It is better to remove the stocking and carefully put it back on.

It is better to have several pairs of different models in case of unforeseen situations. In addition, when there is a choice, there are more opportunities to create stylish ensembles. In any case, it is not recommended to purchase cheap products, because high-quality nylon does not belong to the budget category.

What is advised complete?

For all ladies, all stylists are advised to wear stockings. It is much more convenient than tights. It is better to choose models longer (this parameter is indicated on the package), they are easier to put on and they are more comfortable to wear . The principle of trying on products for owners of a magnificent figure is no different from standard procedures.

Important! No need to try to specifically pull out the stocking. Better to apply extra length.