How to wear sneakers with fur

Modern designers and stylists love to combine seemingly incompatible things. So, winter sneakers with fur trim moved from the category of exclusively winter shoes to unusual and original shoes for everyday bows for all seasons. This mixture of styles allows the girl to look attractive and extraordinary. Passers-by will turn around in admiration, if you choose the right combination of clothes for fur sneakers.

How to wear sneakers with fur

Today, sneakers have long ceased to be shoes only for sports style in clothes. They are a good addition to everyday bows at any time of the year. In the latest collections of fashion designers, fur trim has become a real trend. More often it is used not as additional warming, but as a beautiful decorative finish that gives individuality and shows an impeccable sense of style.

Important! If we are not talking about winter shoes, it is better to choose a pair of shoes that are decorated with fur on the outside. Moreover, a product using natural fur with a long pile is considered a good option .

You can wear sneakers with fur with almost any casual wear. It should only be remembered that the sneakers will certainly become a bright accent of the wardrobe, so you should not combine them with bright clothes. The attention of others should attract legs wrapped in fur sneakers.

With fur inside, winter

The winter version of the shoe is perfect for combining with sportswear and casual sets. The most successful combinations, according to stylists:

  • with jeans (any sports couple looks great with jeans trousers, it can be trendy skinny or boyfriends, complement the top of the set with a sports sweatshirt, warm sweater or sweatshirt);
  • with sports trousers (a pair is ideally combined with clothes in the same style, it is worth choosing colors that are in harmony with each other);
  • with a dress (a tunic dress or a stylish knit product of a straight cut perfectly combines with similar shoes).

It is better to choose parkas, down jackets and fashionable jackets as outerwear. With the help of laconic wardrobe items, you can create a simple but interesting image.

With fur trim

Shoes decorated with fur are not considered the most versatile type of shoes. However, such a pair will look very stylish and interesting. Therefore, fashionistas can safely purchase sneakers trimmed with fur in their wardrobe.

A little infantile, but at the same time beautiful and extremely fashionable shoes go well with everyday looks. Wearing jeans and a wide oversized sweater, you can go for a long walk with friends or, for example, at an interesting exhibition.

With fur pompom

Pompom made from natural fur with a long nap looks very original and playful. These shoes are suitable for girls who are not afraid to be in the spotlight. The fact is that such shoes will surely attract the attention of others to the woman's legs.

Important! You need to choose shoes with fur trim in neutral colors, as a bright decorative element gives the effect of pretentiousness and without additional shades.

To create a romantic look, you can combine slippers decorated with a fur pompom with a short flared dress. Such an outfit creates a playful mood and an original aura around the female half. The selected bow is perfect for a date with your loved one. A man will undoubtedly appreciate the unusual image of a lady of the heart.

With fur tongue

The soft decor under the laces or Velcro on the sneakers looks extremely interesting and alluring. This finish is used not only on demi-season models. But also on insulated, winter sneakers.

Products where fur is dyed in contrasting or bright shades and has a long pile look especially attractive. They perfectly complement everyday bow and make a bright emphasis on the legs. These sneakers go well with jeans and casual trousers, as well as sweatpants and mini or midi skirts.

Stylist tips

Fashionable stylists recommend combining fur sneakers with various styles of jeans. This is a win-win combination for all occasions. Here you can use:

  • skinny;
  • boyfriends;
  • flare;
  • classic.

As an alternative, it is also proposed to use leggings and leggings, which also fit perfectly with a similar pair of shoes. As outerwear, parks, warm jackets and down jackets or oversized coats will be best viewed. Do not forget about fashion accessories. Voluminous snoods, scarves, a stocking cap and stylish mittens are suitable for sneakers decorated with fur.

Feel free to buy a similar pair of shoes in your wardrobe if you are not shy about looking catchy and stylish, drawing the attention of others. Such a bow will not be left without attention and admiration.