How to wear a sleeveless dress

Coco Chanel's style icon came up with a small black sleeveless dress almost 100 years ago. It is relevant to this day. Every fashion-conscious woman must have such a universal thing!

It is basic and ideal for a variety of styles . Changing accessories allows your dress to completely transform. And your image is always impeccable and elegant.

We’ll tell you how to choose combinations for a sleeveless dress.

Combination Options for Sleeveless Dress

Vest dress

It goes well with a variety of looks and styles. It has proven itself in combined ensembles.

The model plays the role of an elongated vest, which can be worn in different ways, for example, over a romantic dress. In combination with spectacular shoes, interesting onion options are obtained. And on the basis of jeans, skirts, tops with a dress-vest, classic images are created.

Pants and jeans are often worn under a vest dress. They allow you to feel comfortable and convenient, and the vest can be worn wide open. Preference should be given to narrow models. The length can be any.

You can complement the look with suitable accessories: belts, hats, a bag over your shoulder.

Summer outing

The romantic style of the product with open hands goes well with sneakers, slippers or sneakers . Complete the outfit with beads in tone, a backpack bag, and you will get a youthful and relevant look.

For a business reception in the open air

The combination of a sleeveless dress with cardigans shortened to the waistline will help create an image. Jackets of a tight-fitting silhouette are also suitable . As well as boleros and jackets, complemented by neat little gloves. Closed toe shoes as well as closed ballet flats will be very appropriate.

How to wear a sleeveless dress in cool weather

It is important to successfully select and combine a bow with outerwear.

For office style

Put on a turtleneck that goes well with the dress with various cardigans or jersey boleros.

Evening out

A strict but effective coat, elegant boats, a handbag, a neckerchief will complement your look.

Casual look

In cool weather, you will feel great in a dress made of thick knitwear. The elasticity of the tissue is pleasant to the body, does not constrain movements. For warmth, you can wear a turtleneck or sweater under the dress. A leather jacket with a leather jacket can be thrown over your shoulders. Slip-ons, sneakers, ankle boots, any flat shoes would be appropriate.

Tip . A warm knitted product is complemented by an unusual detail, mittens - individual knitted long gloves without fingers.

How to wear a sleeveless evening dress

If you want to look 100%, follow the dress code of the event. Be sure to correctly select companion things. The color scheme of the ensemble should be combined with a skin tone on your hands and a neckline.

After all, there are no trifles in the image, everything is important: shoes, a handbag, jewelry. It is these things that complement and add variety to your image. Choose accessories wisely! Do not overload the image with heavy shoes, bulk bags, large parts.

Discard any accessories or minimize them. Wear elegant, stiletto heeled slippers . Highlight your waistline with an elegant strap. Pick up a miniature clutch bag and you are the queen of the evening.

Maxi length is very popular and loved by fashionistas. Among the popular evening dresses, the following styles.

  • The little mermaid . Lace is a winning material. Things are sewn with an open back, which makes the silhouette sophisticated and feminine . The long hem is decorated with folds or frills.
  • Greek Chiffon, silk, satin dresses on the figure emphasize its merits. A neat drapery will hide the flaws. A diadem in the hair, stylish massive bracelets will be a great addition.
  • With a corset . Such styles come in different lengths: from maxi to medium. Suitable for lovers of sexual images . They open not only hands, but also advantageously emphasize the neckline.

IMPORTANT! An elegant cardigan, jacket, and an original leather jacket may be a suitable complement to a sleeveless evening dress.

Useful Tips

  1. If the dress code obliges you to wear tights, then give preference to flesh-colored tights. There should be no lurex on them!
  2. In a sleeveless leather dress you can go "to a feast and to the world." Do not overload the image with additional accessories made of the same material. The outfit is completed with suede shoes, a handbag. Denim jackets complement this ensemble .
  3. Give up thin knitwear. The material easily creases, quickly loses its shape and emphasizes the flaws of the figure. Do you need it?
  4. Do not forget: the dress is the main thing in your image ! All other things, accessories and jewelry remain only additional and secondary accents. We hope you find our tips and tricks useful. Follow the measure and be at the height of style!