How to wear rings on your hands

The ring is one of the most popular women's jewelry. It emphasizes not only beautiful fingers and hands, but also taste and social status. However, not everyone knows how to wear rings correctly, and many don’t even think about the meaning of this or that place for jewelry.

When the ring is one: which finger to wear

When buying an accessory, the first thing to do is to think about which finger it is selected for. In addition, there is jewelry etiquette that sets certain standards for wearing jewelry .

Important! Engagement and engagement rings are worn strictly on the right hand and ring finger.

For other products, strict regulations are not provided. The owner of the ring voluntarily chooses his location.

Location matters

Psychologists, astrologers and palmists say that the accessory itself and the choice of location for it can tell a lot about a person. So, putting a ring on a specific finger, you can develop various abilities.

Little finger

Promotes the development of public speaking skills, communication skills and stress tolerance . This is the finger of Mercury - the patron saint of diplomats, speakers and public figures .


Gives an influx of creative energy and inspiration . Most often this is the choice of artists, musicians, actors . This is the finger of Apollo or the Sun. Of course, couples in love wear rings on this finger .


This is a choice for top managers and leaders, as it develops a sense of responsibility and innovative abilities .

This is the longest finger and the best place to showcase jewelry. Indicates a connection with Saturn.

Important! Many experts advise wearing only silver or family jewelry on this finger. Products with red crystals in combination with gold are undesirable, as this combination negatively affects personal life. A large stone will attract attention and hint that the girl is open to communication.


Improves organizational skills and mental performance . Jupiter protects the finger.

Decoration on the index finger is recommended for shy, modest people . That is how the rings were worn by Julius Caesar and Ivan the Terrible, trying to show their strength and power.


It gives additional energy and develops willpower . From the point of view of astrology, the thumb passes the energy that the Red Planet protects.

Wearing jewelry on the thumb activates thinking, logic and willpower .

Important! Products with a blue or blue-green stone look optimal. Such stones restore the nervous system and give strength. But if you choose a red stone, then self-confidence will disappear.

Palmistry believes that domineering people with leadership inclinations wear rings.

And if you wear a few at once?

Many girls want to decorate their hands as much as possible and put on as many jewelry as possible.

Can I wear more than one

Important! According to standard etiquette rules, there should be no more than three rings: two on one hand and one on the other. This does not apply to phalanx and typesetting models, since they have their own specifics.

Fashionable critics believe that ignorance of etiquette in no way justifies the fair sex. But if several rings are worn at the same time, then the woman is unfamiliar with the rules or believes that this is spectacular and appropriate.

Important! A large number of rings prevents the creation of a harmonious image, complicating the correct selection of clothes and other accessories.

How to combine rings

Some creative natures believe that wearing a large number of rings indicates non-standard thinking, as well as self-confidence and original life.

Reference! In ancient times, women constantly wore many rings, and this was considered the norm.

But even original and non-standard women should follow a number of rules.

  • A wedding ring should be worn on the ring finger . It should not be too massive.
  • For the little finger, a narrow model with discreet stones or trim is suitable.
  • It is better to choose a thin ring with a geometric ornament or a medium-sized crystal on the index finger .
  • Products with volumetric stones are worn on the middle finger .
  • Choosing a thumb ring depends on your clothing style and lifestyle. Most often this is a wide product, without decoration and crystals .
  • You can not combine cheap jewelry with expensive materials and precious stones .
  • Tasteless look products in different colors and designs.
  • If a product with a massive stone is selected as the main one, then it should be the only one. Other rings should look like a complement and be discreet.
  • Rings and clothes should be combined in style.
  • It is allowed to wear gold and silver together. The main thing is that they have a common style.

The ring is one of the main female jewelry. It is worth considering how to wear them better and more profitable. After all, what finger decorates the accessory is closely interconnected with the energy and aura of a person and can significantly affect fate.