How to wear a red leather jacket

Modern fashion does not stand still. Fashion designers regularly offer stylish novelties of the season and unusual combinations.

One of the last trends of the season in women's wardrobe is a red leather jacket. Competent combinations of elements will help create a unique image and stand out from the crowd.

We’ll figure out what to wear with a leather jacket to look attractive.

Variety of species

Leather jackets firmly established their position in the women's wardrobe. They are distinguished by their versatility, due to which they can be used to create any image, from classic to sporty.

The latest fashion trend was a leather jacket in red shades . She immediately gained great popularity among fashionistas.

A variety of styles will allow each girl to choose outerwear in accordance with personal preferences.

  • Stylists offer jackets with fur inserts on the collar, shelves or belt . This option is suitable for cooler weather.
  • Cropped models look harmonious with a dress or high-waisted jeans.
  • The classic leather jacket fits into any look. Extra long models are suitable for combination with trousers.

Choosing a color companion

Outerwear in red shades is different in that when selecting an outfit, it acts as a key detail . Bottom, shoes and accessories should be selected in a calmer shade and combined with red.

Classic combinations

First of all, the classic combination of red and black should be noted. Two colors that complement each other perfectly will help create a vibrant look.

Black can be replaced with white, gray, brown or deep blue.

To create a more relaxed image, you can use pastel shades.

Additional options

Red can be combined with blue, white or beige .

Combination of color gives special attention. The wrong combination will create a tasteless and vulgar outfit .

Important! Stylists recommend not using additional elements of red shades.

Due to the large number of bright colors, the outfit can turn out to be defiant.

Other saturated shades are also prohibited : green, purple, yellow . When using these colors, the outfit turns out to be overloaded, which may indicate the bad taste of its mistress.

Help : blue should also be used carefully. It is recommended to pick up things of a paler shade.

Fashionable combinations with a red jacket

The red leather jacket has received recognition among the fair sex. It is great for creating any image, so you can use it every day.

Business option

A rich red tint can be diluted with a classic or business outfit.

For example, use a white blouse, pencil skirt, bulk bag and heeled ankle boots in black shades. It turns out a bright and creative image.

The skirt can be replaced with trousers, ankle boots with classic black boats.

On every day

In everyday wear, you can use blue jeans, a white or black T-shirt, and men's shoes .

Complement your look with a black leather backpack. It turns out not only stylish, but also comfortable.

A t-shirt can be replaced with a lace crop . The image can be used to attend a party or a disco.


Dresses occupy a special niche in the wardrobe of girls. You can also choose a suitable dress for the red jacket. First of all, a little black dress in the style of Coco Chanel .

High-heeled shoes and a black clutch will complete the look. The combination looks very impressive and at the same time very stylish.


To create a light, airy style in combination with light shades, it is better to give your preference to pastel colors. For example, a beige or white dress can be complemented with red shoes. The outfit is very sophisticated and feminine.

The dress can be replaced with a blue shirt of pale, desaturated colors and the same skirt.

With jeans

A cropped jacket looks harmonious with high-waisted jeans this season . The bottom can be used black or gray. Ankle boots in black shades are suitable as shoes.

A small backpack will be a good addition.

Jeans can be replaced with a sun-style skirt. In this case, slip-on sneakers or sneakers can be used. The outfit can be used as everyday. It turns out stylish and comfortable.

Useful Tips

A leather jacket is popular for being suitable for any season. For a perfect combination and a suitable combination, fashionistas should remember several nuances.

  • The combination of a red top and leather trousers is best avoided . The image turns out to be overloaded, screaming, and sometimes vulgar. Instead, it is better to use a black pencil skirt.
  • Do not supplement the outfit with unnecessary accessories . Massive bracelets and necklaces complicate it, making it tasteless. In the classic style, you can use a thin chain with an inconspicuous pendant. And also a light shawl or stole on the neck is suitable.
  • Flesh-colored nylon tights visually make legs shorter. It is better to use black tights with a dense texture . They slim legs, making them visually longer.
  • The use of T-shirts or dresses with colorful prints is not recommended . Red is a rather capricious color and poorly perceives combinations with saturated colors. It is better to use plain wardrobe items. This will not make the outfit overloaded.
  • Stylists advise using only one red thing in the outfit . In this case, it is a jacket. The combination of the red top and the same bottom immediately indicates a lack of taste. In addition, it is quite difficult to choose things that are perfect in shade. The presence of red accessories looks more appropriate and organic.


A red leather jacket will fit perfectly into every fashionista’s wardrobe. A competent combination will help to create a unique image, and a few tips will help make it fully completed and stylish. Such outerwear is suitable for bright and eccentric natures.