How to wear a pocket watch on a chain?

A watch, it would seem, should oust all other types of accessories from the market, by which you can find out the time. However, this does not happen. And today you can meet a person who prefers a pocket version of the product, and all because it has a unique property: it either enhances a person’s status, ennobles him, or allows him to consider a dandy in it . The effect largely depends on who and how the watch is used on the chain, as well as on the shape and concept of the accessory.

When can I wear a pocket watch on a chain?

There is no such event or institution where there would be no place for pocket watches of modern design. Among the products manufactured today, it is easy to find an option for everyday wearing at the university (both an informal student and a strict teacher), for work, for going to the theater or for a business meeting.

Accessories are available in various styles, weights, designs and statuses. Some of them resemble a compact semi-sports keychain hanging from jeans, others are an authentic addition to a two-piece suit, complemented by a wool sleeveless jacket. Still others are filled with masculine energy due to the abundance of skin and massiveness.

Important! One-click small men's pocket watches turn into an original women's jewelry that can be worn on the chest or as an additional decorative element of the belt. Purely feminine options are also on sale that easily fit into a retro-romantic look.

The products transmitted by inheritance and made in the traditional style primarily serve to emphasize the level of the event . It will be nice to see them on a person who has attended the evening party or giving a scientific report to a powerful and authoritative audience, whose respect and attention must be earned. The watch will help to achieve the desired effect, indicating the owner’s craving for classic forms and time-tested items.

What clothes do they wear?

The subject is stylistically painted, for many people it relates to a certain era that has long sunk into the past. Therefore, the most logical solution will be to use it in an image that recreates the mood of the time when pocket watches were at the height of fashion . For example, you can refer to the 20-30 years. XX century. In those years, manufacturers were able to reduce the weight and size of the accessory as much as possible, so people started wearing it in the pocket of a vest (before that, men resorted to pantalon pockets, and women hung jewelry directly on top of the vestments).

Taking the vest as a basis, think about what and how you will combine it. Sleeveless jacket of a traditional cut is a subject of wardrobe of different styles:

  • classic;
  • Derby;
  • new bow;
  • business;
  • dandy;
  • Garcon;
  • preppy.

You can try to beat each of these options with an ensemble of pocket watches and a strict cut of a vest . If you do not want to turn to the origins and have a desire to experiment, then just right to play in contrasts. Take casual and obviously not new clothes that emphasize everyday trends, for example, the same worn jeans, and add a sophisticated accessory to them. This will result in a kind of rebellion of a man who knows a lot about good things that are not dominated by time, and does not chase a changeable fashion.

A watch on a chain will be appropriate at a dinner party, as well as when attending a major cultural event. Especially if the dress code of the event requires a tailcoat or tuxedo. Yes, and some jackets will benefit from the neighborhood with such an accessory.

Important! Wristwatches are not worn with a tuxedo, so using a pocket with this wardrobe item is a necessary step.

The stylistic coloring of the subject can be taken literally. In this case, it will help in creating an image corresponding to a certain era . Try to bring your watch on a chain to a theme party, New Year or Halloween. You are immediately suspected of imitating dandies or silent movie heroes. It only remains to enhance the impression of the accessory with the right suit.

Another way to beat a watch on a chain is to take military style as a basis . In some countries, today the accessory is considered an attribute recommended for use with the parade uniform of military personnel of the highest echelon. Wearing it is considered a way to emphasize the significance of the event.

If the issue of application concerns specific wardrobe items, then the use of watches with the following wardrobe items will be an uniquely successful solution:

  • vest (chain attached to the button, to the opposite pocket or allow it to hang down);
  • trousers (the accessory is placed in a special small pocket, and the chain is fixed on the belt);
  • jacket (the watch is placed in the breast pocket, and the chain is attached to the lapel);
  • jeans (placement is the same as for pants).

Important! There are special covers that allow you to wear the product on a chain around the waist of trousers and jeans.

Pocket watch on a rope (sometimes rubberized) deserves special attention. They are often not hidden at all. They simply wrap a belt around the belt of jeans and allow the decoration to hang. It weighs a little, does not pull the rope, and therefore does not break off and does not clap on clothes while walking (more precisely, their tapping is not felt due to their small size and lightness).

Tips for creating an image with a pocket watch on a chain

The main landmark is shape, size and style. Some pocket watches cannot be called a classic or strict subject in any context, but all because of the creativity of their creators. Custom design, thematic dial, materials that are not permissible for the traditional version - each such nuance turns a watch on a chain from an outdated accessory into an informal or pretentious decoration. And next to him, wardrobe items of a conservative type will never look harmonious. But the latter will find a worthy addition in the face of family values ​​created by previous masters and according to the canon of the genre.

It is useful to pay attention to the material of the accessory when choosing accessories for clothes . It will not be superfluous if the belt buckle, cufflinks or buttons are a shade, shape or material to resonate with the watch.

Also, do not lose sight of the rule of one. You should not wear a hand and pocket watch or an object similar in purpose, acting as a ring or pendant . Stop at option 1. And if you are going to a theme retro-party, then put on a few (2-3) pocket watches of different sizes. Let them be of different sizes and placed in different parts of the outfit. That is what the dandy did 100 years ago.