How to wear pipe boots

A woman of any age dreams of looking beautiful. It is not enough to paint beautifully and buy expensive brands, it is important to consider both. The main thing in creating an image is compatibility and relevance. There are basic rules for creating an attractive look: a handbag, boots and clothes should blend perfectly. There are options for shoes that are considered classic and can fit any style. But there are those that need to be worn correctly, given the many nuances. We are talking about boots-pipes, an interesting and original decision of the creators.

Style Features

The style of the boot has a not very clear name: why pipes and what does it mean? Designers came up with shoes that have the same width along the entire length of the product. Because of this, a resemblance to the pipe is noted. Some find the option unattractive and a little rude. But in order for shoes to emphasize the female image and look organically, you need to know how and what is best to wear pipe boots. It must be understood that a romantic and sophisticated image with this option will not work, but if you want to draw the attention of a confident, luxurious and self-sufficient woman or girl - boot pipes are an essential element of the wardrobe.

Who is suitable for

REFERENCE! This shoe option is ideal for those women who consider their legs not attractive enough and complex because of too wide ankles and calves. The structure of the boots allows you to hide flaws and visually reduce the size of the legs. For owners of elegant legs, boots of this specific norm help to look even more attractive.

Clothing combinations

This model is best combined with leather goods. It can be dresses, skirts, trousers of various styles, but preferably tight-fitting. Looks great option with clothing that has prints. A strip or a cage in clothes will make the combination especially successful. In principle, everything is compatible with the option of shoes, except for a one-year skirt. Trumpet boots with shorts will create a very sexy look and certainly will not go unnoticed by others.

IMPORTANT! It is also necessary to remember that there must be some distance between the top of the boots and the skirt (dress). Otherwise, the legs will appear to be shortened .

Boots are presented in two versions: with or without heels.

Heeled pipes with what to wear in winter and autumn

It's no secret that shoes for the cold season should be not only warm, but also beautiful, fashionable. Long gone are the days when the trumpet boots were made in one classic solution. Designers did everything to diversify models and make them more attractive: rhinestones, rivets, fur and textile inserts. Now you can buy boots with heels, which makes them especially original and boring.

Boots with heels with short fur coats look beautiful.

Flat pipes with what to wear in winter and autumn

Once this model was actively used by female riders. Now the option is very popular for cool days and is actively bought by those fashionistas who like to impress. You can purchase the option of suede or genuine leather.

The boots are ideal for both cold and slush. The high top of the product will help to overcome snowdrifts without problems.

The option goes well with a short coat or jacket.

Stylish looks

It’s not difficult to create a beautiful image and feel confident. To do this, you need to choose the option of clothing, making the combination appropriate. The advantage of the model is its wide compatibility and versatility: the option looks beautiful on girls of different complexions, emphasizing what I would like to emphasize.