How to wear pink shorts

A very beautiful, summer wardrobe detail - shorts. They will give the image a romantic touch, and you tenderness and attractiveness. Shorts of this color are not found in every wardrobe, since you can not combine them with all T-shirts, like denim models, for example. Pink shorts are best worn in the summer and spring, as the color itself speaks of renewal, freshness.

Hollywood stars do not ignore the beautiful pink shorts. For example, Jay Law combines them with a pink jacket, high-heeled shoes with beige shades and gold jewelry. The look looks very elegant and refreshing. Britney Spears creates a sporty look with a peach top and white sneakers. Evelina Bledans loves to wear her shorts with a blouse and a wide belt with the same color, plus platform shoes.

What top to pick up with pink shorts

White, peach, beige, carrot, gray and black colors of tops go well with the pink bottom.

Important! Be careful with the dark blue, red, yellow top colors!

White, peach or to the tone of the bottom of the blouse in harmony with the classic models of the bottom. But sports models of the bottom, can be worn with black, peach, gray t-shirts, wrestlers, shirts or striped tops. Wear sports models in jeans and cotton with cropped tops.

Attention! Topics with ties on the neck look stylish with sports-cut shorts.

What shoes to wear with pink shorts

There are no special recommendations for choosing shoes that can be worn with pink shorts. The main thing is to take into account the style of the product, and start from the style when choosing shoes. Wear sports shoes, sneakers, and sneakers with sports models.

Wear sandals on thin straps, a platform or cute pastel-colored ballet shoes with items made of flying, delicate fabrics. Shoes of the boat also look great, adding to the image even more tenderness and lightness.

Pink shorts to create different looks.

Create images from romantic to business for work or business meetings. To create a business image, use a pink shade of the bottom, a flying blouse (white, beige), beige sandals or slippers, a dark clutch. If it’s cool outside, then choosing a raspberry jacket will be a great solution.

If you're planning a romantic date, pick out lace shorts and a white lace top. Dark heeled shoes perfectly emphasize the beauty of the legs, and a cute jacket with small flowers will add tenderness.

To create a bold image, a black top, shoes and bag in the color of a top are suitable.

Another winning look is a transparent T-shirt with lace, a denim model of shorts, sneakers and a small handbag over his shoulder. This image is suitable for walking with friends and fun summer gatherings.

Useful tips for choosing pink shorts for a different type of figure

Although full girls try to beware of shorts of such colors, stylists say differently. One has only to choose the right length. For women with magnificent forms, stylists recommend choosing models just below the knee. If the waistline is (almost) perfect, then choose high-waisted models to emphasize beautiful dignity. Wide and narrow models, practically of any length, will fit slim. Shorts with beautiful, bright prints look great on slender legs.

For girls with thin, thin legs, it is better to choose wide models so as not to draw attention to thinness.