How to wear pearls

Pearls are a noble natural decoration that can add sophistication to the image of any lady. It can be worn by girls and matrons at an age; everyone will be fine if you know how to wear pearls. Necklaces, earrings or bracelets made of beautiful pearls have become the main jewelry for women who know their worth and prefer to always look beautiful and refined.

Rules dictated by pearls

Mother of pearl is appropriate in almost any situation . It can be combined with everyday images, for example, going to work at the office or in the cinema with friends, and can also be used as decoration for an evening toilet and publication. The main thing is to take into account the rules for wearing this jewelry and find a product that is most suitable for the chosen clothes and the type of woman's appearance.

IMPORTANT! There are certain rules of etiquette, according to which girls and women select the size of pearls, their shade and length of the thread.

These are important parameters, observing that the girl will look attractive and very stylish.

Wear "your" size beads

IMPORTANT! According to established rules, each size of beads corresponds to the image of a woman.

Particular attention should be paid to this fact in order not to give the onion heaviness, but to age itself.

The rules dictate the purchase of the following sizes:

  • pearls up to 6 mm in diameter are presented exclusively to young women, such items look good complete with earrings, bracelets or rings, and also go well with most dresses;
  • beads up to 8 mm in diameter will suit ladies who have crossed the 40-year frontier, who know their own worth, dignified and elegant;
  • products with pearls in diameter exceeding 8 mm are an excellent solution for matrons in advanced years; such a product will help to present itself in an original way in the eyes of others.

IMPORTANT! Do not use too large beads in the image if the girl is young. A rare exception may be the original rings or jewelry in the style of grunge, made in a modern interpretation and suitable for almost everyone. But even with such decorations, one should be extremely careful.

Combine with suitable fabrics.

As for the fabrics with which the string of pearls is combined, there are practically no restrictions. Only a single rule applies: the denser the fabric, the larger the beads should be .

Beads look exquisite with dresses and suits made of velvet, silk, satin . It is better if it is a monophonic outfit to which the necklace will give individuality and add color.

Consider style and style

Since pearls give the image sophistication and restraint, it is best suited for creating strict office bows and evening looks . But organically, he looks not only with an office blouse, which confirms the photo.

A perfect complement to mother of pearl will be for a strict business dress, made in monochrome shades. A string of pearls can add personality and elegance to the set.

For an evening dress, a long string of pearls paired with a ring or earrings is suitable. She is skillfully tied around her neck with a beautiful knot. Such an ornament can unobtrusively emphasize the beauty of a woman's neckline.

IMPORTANT! When choosing the color of the necklace should be guided by the type of skin. Dark-skinned girls will suit darker tones of the natural mineral than pale-faced ladies who are more suitable for light shades.

Modern fashion does not prohibit the wearing of pearls in everyday dresses . The main thing is to select jewelry made in a modern style. Thick golden plates decorated with mother-of-pearl beads, large rings with large single pearls or unusual necklaces with pendants decorated with minerals are an excellent option for everyday dress.

Pearl jewelry needs a pair!

Since ancient times, it was believed that pearls should always be worn in pairs . This jewelry, which should make up a competent tandem and emphasize the elegance of a woman. However, in recent years, this postulate has been criticized by fashion designers . They argue that it’s okay to wear a single piece of jewelry.

Why pearls are considered paired jewelry

According to popular beliefs, pearls are a pair of jewelry, as it protects relationships in a family or love couple . If the girl is not married yet, wearing the kit increases the likelihood of a love adventure or meeting her only one.

Many pop stars and cinema stars, which are the standards of beauty and style, prefer to wear jewelry in pairs. Among them:

  • singer Rihanna;

  • Actress Sarah Jessica Parker and other stars.

IMPORTANT! Pair sets preferred real style icons - Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Princess Diana and others.

But today, few people believe in signs. Therefore, many celebrities wear single jewelry and do not feel embarrassed . So, on the politics of Angela Merkel at any social event you can see a string of pearls without any other jewelry.

As you can see, the conventions are greatly erased. And if you still want to pick up a pair of sets, we will tell you how to do it.

How to make pearl pairs

Stylists, fashion designers, and jewelers advise combining medium-length beads with short earrings or a small bracelet .

A long necklace will be a great addition to small earrings from one small bead. In this way, you can also fit a short necklace if you use it for a casual suit.

In general, pearls are beautiful in that each woman can independently decide how to wear it . She will be good by choosing a single ring with large beads or a set of small pearls with medium-sized earrings and a necklace. The main thing is to adhere to the basic rules of etiquette and comply with the measure.