How To Wear a Pea Coat With a Long Skirt

Many girls still adhere to the rule so that the skirt does not peek out from under the floor of the coat. This requirement has been strictly observed by clothing designers in the recent past. Now the photo from fashion shows is not complete without such images, where the maxi length is combined with a short coat. And it looks stylish and quite appropriate.

However, to create such a set yourself, you need to have a sense of style and the ability to correctly combine wardrobe items.

How to look attractive in a short coat and a long skirt

To look attractive and meet all the trends of the latest fashion, you need to follow

certain rules in choosing clothes.

  • If there is a print in the lower part of the image, you need to choose calm and even neutral shades of outerwear in order to maintain harmony.
  • The same requirement applies to clothes that have a bright color. For harmony, choose a neutral companion.
  • A voluminous maxi skirt should be worn with a tight top, such as a turtleneck.
  • As shoes, it is better to choose flat shoes or boots with a small wide heel.
  • Coats are selected medium or maxi length, calm shades of gray, beige, brown and others . They will help to create a noble and stylish image.

Important ! The main thing is to have a sense of proportion and not to go too far with bright accessories, as well as to combine things correctly.

For example, a classic knee-length pencil combined with a coat to the middle of the thigh is considered a bad man.

What models of a short coat can be worn long


With a maxi skirt, you can create a huge number of images for every day. A short coat will only emphasize the individuality of the lady, help to effectively stand out from the crowd.

  • A win-win combination, stylists consider a park and a skirt made of dense fabric of a straight cut.
  • The trend of the current season was the image using a lush bottom and the usual everyday parka. It looks a little rebellious, but very feminine.
  • A stylish combination of a straight long coat and a flying skirt will help to feel feminine and elegant in any situation. The coat can be worn unbuttoned, or, conversely, fastened with all buttons. Both solutions are appropriate and will not spoil the selected set.
  • An evening dress this season can be worn even with a down jacket . It will not look like a bad manners, and the girl will feel comfortable and confident. Shoes are also offered to choose comfortable, wide-heeled shoes, for example, stylish suede ankle boots.

Choosing a suitable skirt

Almost any style of the lower part of the image is suitable for combination with a short coat .

Successful combinations

  • The half-sun skirt looks simple and feminine.
  • The pleat perfectly emphasizes the slimness of the figure and the elegance of the lady.
  • Lush and perky of tulle looks original. It is better to choose a neutral color.

Do not wear with a short coat

As for the wardrobe items that should not be worn with a short coat, the following models are referred to them.

  • The bell . An unusual cut effectively emphasizes the girl's hips, so the coat should be short.
  • The Tulip . Keep the proportions of the figure will help short fitted outerwear, and it should not be buttoned.
  • " Flare ." Visually increases the lower body, it is recommended to wear only with short fitted jackets and fur coats.

Important! When choosing the style of outerwear and the lower part of the wardrobe that suits it, restraint should be exercised and the dignity of the figure should be emphasized gently, unobtrusively.

What shoes to choose for a long skirt and a short coat

Classic pumps, tractor-soled shoes, boots with a steady wide heel or even sandals, almost any shoe is appropriate in combination with a short coat and maxi-skirt.

The main thing is to choose an image in accordance with the chosen style, without crossing them with each other.

It is possible and even necessary to experiment with the image. It is only necessary to show a sense of proportion.

If such a risky combination is chosen, then the shades are better to choose neutral, without aggressive bright accents. The minimum of large accessories and the ease of the set will help achieve elegance and femininity.