How to wear patent leather boots

Lacquered shoes are in fashion again today. Slender legs are now decorated not only with shoes and sandals and patent leather, but also with boots, boots, ankle boots. Such shoes are quite practical and look beautiful. Therefore, many girls prefer these boots.

What to wear with patent leather boots - features of shoes

Lacquered shoes have not gone out of fashion for several seasons. It can be found in most girls in the wardrobe. She looks spectacular, elegant and sophisticated on her legs, giving the image of charm.

Thanks to the varnish coating, it is possible to create bright shoes. Lacquer boots will even make an ordinary casual look spectacular and stylish.

The main feature of such shoes is that it attracts the attention of others with its highlights. Not every girl can wear such boots. However, if you want to look elegant and bright, such shoes are just for you.

Despite the fact that there is an opinion that models with a varnish coating require additional care, so they are impractical. It's not like that at all. They should be looked after, just like ordinary leather boots. It is enough to regularly clean them of dirt and wear them carefully.

What to avoid

Varnish boots are spectacular in themselves. Therefore, you should be very careful in choosing clothes. It should categorically refuse:

  • Bright catchy prints on clothes.
  • Shiny material (rhinestones, sequins, sequins, metallized threads, lace).
  • Spectacular clothing with a large neckline or short length.
  • Volume dresses, sweaters, sweaters.

Important ! Choosing an image for varnish models, it is best to choose calm, restrained options. Otherwise, you will look tasteless and absurd.

How to combine

Lacquered models are combined with most of the women's wardrobe. Creating an unrivaled image is not difficult. Take a look at low-key, classic bows.

With jeans

These models of boots look harmoniously narrowed in plain jeans. Boots should be as tall and narrow as possible. Choose jeans from stretch fabric. She looks beautiful and is worn comfortably in combination with boots.

For black classic models fit blue or gray pants. Upstairs, you can safely put on a top or a lightweight fitted sweater / jumper. With gray skinny jeans, oversized black boots with large, steady heels look great. We put on a classic dark-colored jacket and a T-shirt, top.

Dresses / skirts

High-top models go well with skirts and dresses. However, when choosing lacquer patterns, knit patterns should be preferred. It is desirable that the product was made thin machine viscous. Dresses look gray, black or milky with black or brown patent leather.

You can also pick up a skirt and blouse or sweater. We choose a straight cut skirt. Looks good pencil skirt, to the knee. A blouse, a T-shirt and a jacket or a light sweater are put on top. It is imperative to wear pantyhose to match the feet (if the boots are solid or black).


In the autumn period, you can safely put on a jacket or coat. Choose classic models without vibrant prints and decors. When choosing a coat, let us choose a bright juicy shades. A straight black skirt, dark tights and a light blouse will complement the bow.

Also, these shoes are worn under fur vests. In this case, you should choose outerwear with a length just below the hips. The image is complemented by a small leather bag or clutch.

Image Tips

When choosing clothes and boots made of patent leather, you should pay attention to the following nuances:

  • These models of boots can not be combined with sequins and rhinestones. Choose calm, solid colors.
  • In this case, accessories should not be selected for shoes, it will look vulgar.
  • Mid-ankle-length shoes are worn with skinny pants or jeans. For a skirt or dress, an elongated version is selected.
  • Bright models of shoes can not be combined with catchy ornaments on outerwear. The catchy must be either boots or clothing.

To make a bow stylish with a black bag and boots, wear a vibrant, lightweight scarf around your neck. So, the image will be more feminine and elegant.

Each girl’s wardrobe should have elegant black patent leather boots. They give the image of charm and style. They can be safely worn at a social event or a romantic dinner. Such shoes can complement the bow and make it extravagant.