How to wear pants with boots

With the right combination of trousers and boots, you can create fashionable looks and look stylish and interesting. This will help to emphasize the advantages of the figure and hide its flaws. There are conflicting opinions about wearing pants and different types of shoes. Some recommend tucking pants into shoes, while others consider it bad form.

What pants can be worn with boots

Almost all models of trousers can be worn with boots. It is enough to correctly combine them in length and style. They will look especially harmoniously with the following types:

  • With cropped trousers up to the middle of the ankle. This can be the life of the Bermuda, Carrot and Chinos.
  • Linen and cotton chinos can be tucked inside the boots. Jockey type models are better.
  • Classic slacks are best combined with more extravagant options.
  • Massive shoes on the platform and without it will suit direct wide models.
  • High-waisted products emphasize the dignity of a figure with heels. One of the right combinations is choosing the length of the pants and the height of the shoes. Better if they will not overlap each other.
  • Wide breeches look good with rude-looking things.
  • Wide culottes. Many experts note that these are the only cropped pants that harmonize well with a high top. Short women prefer to wear them with high heels to visually increase growth.
  • Skinny should not be tucked into narrow shoes to the knee. It is better to wear boots or choose a wide boot.

What boots fit pants

The fashion industry offers various types of shoes. There are certain rules for combining them with pants:

  • They recommend refueling only leggings or skinny skinny jeans. Classic things and flared pants from the knee are not suitable for these purposes.
  • They should be refueled in a model of a cowboy and biker type with a wide shaft. Trumpet boots are also suitable.
  • It is not recommended to combine them with products of contrasting colors. Thus, it is possible to break the harmony and visually shorten the girl’s growth.

ATTENTION! Under the pants fit various options for shoes. The main thing is that these two things are combined with each other and are comfortable to wear.

Boots with trousers at different times of the year

At different times of the year, respectively, we need different clothes. But trousers, as a classic version of clothing, always remain indispensable. Therefore, it is important to know how to combine this type of clothing with boots in the winter, as well as in the off-season.

How To Wear Knee High Boots In Winter

Many women believe that tucking trousers into high shoes can provide additional comfort and keep your legs warm longer. Typically, the difficulties of selection are only in the correct choice of shoe length and bottom of the trousers. It is not rational to wear cropped boots in cold weather, so you should definitely not refuse high fur boots.

Of course, in order to tuck things into boots, it is necessary to pick up wider shoes so that they can be worn without restriction of movement. However, it is better not to wear models with a high top with jeans of a direct silhouette, because many folds appear. And this makes the silhouette shapeless and baggy. Also, designers are not advised to refuel wide pants of a straight cut in a model with heels.

How to wear boots with pants in the offseason

One of the preferred options for wearing trousers is to put them in boots or high boots. In this way, you can keep the bottom of the clothes in a clean and tidy form for much longer. After all, as you know, the off-season is famous for frequent rains and the presence of dirt and puddles, even on city streets. In addition, frequent rains can wet long trousers, and they can get wet almost to the knee.

IMPORTANT! To refuel the pants, it is recommended to choose boots with a flat sole or a low heel of 3-4 centimeters.

There are many ways to combine trousers and shoes. The main thing is that this combination is literate, emphasizes the dignity of the figure, and is also convenient and practical.